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  1. EJM


    I'm trying to export a drawing to DWG but get a message - ODA Platform Error The file could not be opened. Make sure it is not already open in another application. I turned everything off, opened only the file to export and got the same message. Can anyone help ? I'm not even sure what ODA means !
  2. Can I use this to add the numbers to an existing drawing ?
  3. What is the quickest/easiest way to add fixture numbers to devices on a lighting plot ?
  4. Hi, I think Atom.design is asking about the colours emitted by lights when visualised ? My question was about the colour of the unit symbol in the drawing. Thanks
  5. How can I choose the colour of a symbol to make it stand out more ? Some lights are already blue/red/green others only black.
  6. EJM

    Spotlight Tool sets

    Thank you so much, I thought it was going to be something dumb that had done or wasn't doing ! I'm very grateful.
  7. I can't find the Spotlight tool sets pop-up window in VW 2018. What have I done to make it disappear please ? If I go to Tools/Workspaces/Fundamentals it appears ( albeit with only 5 options) but not in Spotlight. If I launch VW 2017 it is there with 9 different tool sets.
  8. EJM

    Dwg Imports

    Hi, in fact my theory of the size being an issue has proved to be a total red herring and you are completely correct that there is an object that causes the import to crash. I sent the files to the VW TechSupport and they very kindly identified the object causing this. Thank you for your help.
  9. EJM

    Dwg Imports

    Thank you Jim, I'll do that now.
  10. EJM

    Dwg Imports

    I previously asked about dwg imports freezing, what I have found is that I can import a dwg of 3.7mb or smaller but not anything larger. Is there a size limit that one can adjust ? If so where/how do I do this please ?
  11. Thank you, really helpful; will that create the same folders of instruments that one finds in earlier versions ?
  12. I am not an expert VW user but found VW 15 relatively easy and logical; I sort of skipped 16 but am now finding 17 very difficult to use. It seems to be very internet based and as I travel a lot Im not always on line and therefore have difficulties particularly with the resource browser. How do I store sll the symbols I used to have ? Thanks for help
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