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  1. @Josh Now that I restarted Vectorworks the file doesn't have the issue anymore (that's not a solution). The issue was only when I was zooming in/out or pan, also the objects used are all 2d and we've been doing this since forever. The file was created in Vectorworks 2020 at the beginning migrated to 2021 without having any issues and now with 2022 the problem appeared. But to be honest I've noticed that all the time when we move to the new release of Vectorworks we have some sort of issues with the software. If the problem persist will send you the file to check what the issues is.
  2. Hi Jeff, To answer your question, no. From what I see is still SP2. But how come this is happening after a week from using it?
  3. Our office moved to Vectorworks 2022 at the beginning of this week and apparently today all of a sudden this problem appears when I zoom in/out, pan, and this makes the project unusable. Can somebody explain to me what is going on? I didn't have this issue before.
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