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  1. So I updated windows, this did not fix the issue. Making a new folder did work. Now this is confusing. I even opened old documents with images already embedded. I tried to import the same images already in the drawing from the same location that used to work (the same folder as the drawing), and it returns the same error. Importing these images from the desktop works. I'm glad for the fix, truly, but doesn't this seem like a bigger problem? I can't move the thousands of images from my storage drive to new folders. Is there some way to restore this functionality for my old folders? Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Hi all, I'm running VW2019 SP3. Suddenly I am unable to import any images. I always receive the same error "Unable to create a graphics importer for the file. The system may not have an importer installed or memory may be low" I have tried both PNG and JPEG files, as large as a gig and as small as a 100kb. Pulling images from the internet seems to work, as they come in as bitmaps being compressed, but no file can be imported directly from my machine. I have restarted VW as well as my computer. I can confirm vectorworks is only using half a gig of memory, and I have a full 8gb unused. Any thoughts for fixing this issue? Thank you.


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