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  1. I'm not sure what I do, but while working on sheets, everything seems to sometimes randomly rescale, so that I have to zoom out to a 1% view in order to see my viewports, title, etc .. on the sheet.

    Don't know how it happens, don't know how to change it back without deleting the sheet and starting over?


  2. I have an oval room that I measured around the perimeter as to door

    placement .. now that I am back in my office, I am attempting to plot out

    where the doors fall on the ellipse.

    The oval is 85'w x 116'L

    with breaks for Doors from 0 (being the bottom center quad of the ellipse)

    as follows:

    0 --> 38.5

    13'4 --> 16'6

    30'11 -->34'4

    along the circumference of the ellipse / perimeter of the room

    any ideas on how to plot this out?



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