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  1. I do have inst type and device type was missing at first, but I redid and called them Moving Lights. Still missing. Will try again. This time I will make the light in another drawing and then try to import.
  2. I just converted a symbol to an instrument. When I use it, it has all the information in the proper fields. However, when I try to select from the Find and Modify in Spotlight it does not appear as an available Inst Type.
  3. Don't know if this widespread, but it would work for me. How about an option on a viewport that locks in current label legends. I often have a separate copy for just the ME that has dimmer information. It's a bit too messy for a final plot. Yes I could "find, modify, print restore." This is not a big deal, just an option that would be nice.
  4. Jim T

    Undo Bug

    Thanks for the work arounds. Much appreciated.
  5. Jim T

    Undo Bug

    Well, if it happens to you Dave then it's GOTTA be a bug
  6. Jim T

    Undo Bug

    When undoing several steps, my light units at some point will take on the characteristics of the Label Legend screen. A rectangle surrounds the light and all of the information appears as if some sort of spread sheet. The only way to get rid of it is to "Command Y" and then fix the problem in a way other than undo, Anyone have this happen??
  7. You rock Ion! Thanks to all who posted.
  8. I do care. I do. I do. What you say makes sense and I hope the good people at Nemetschek treat this like a bug. The work around makes sense, but is way too many steps for what should in reality be a simple key stroke. The other workaround is to Ungroup, but this completly destroys the properties of the dimension. At the very least, under preferences there could be a choice to "group dimension with object." Thanks much for your input.
  9. "Are your dimensions "constrained" to the line?" If by that you mean, I select the line, select the dimension tool with the constraint furtherest to the right (selected object(s)Dimension), then once again click on the selected line, and the dimension appears, then yes. Before the dimension was an "item" and the line would be a separate "item." Now they are grouped. Very inconvenient.
  10. PC This only happens in VW 12. The dimension constraint selected is "selected object(s)Dimension" [ 01-16-2006, 04:18 PM: Message edited by: Jim T ]
  11. OK I'm really confused. I'm trying to just do vertical trusses. I am using 12 and see no draw in 3d only in the Object Info box. I DO see show 3D detail. Also if I convert the trusses to group, the 3D options get grayed out.
  12. Pre 12 - Draw a line, use dimension tool, press delete -lose line leaving just the dimension. 12 - Draw a line, use dimension tool, press delete, lose both line AND dimension. Without getting into why I need to do this, how can I delete just the line without ungrouping. I hope this will be considered a small bug that will be adressed. Jim Terry
  13. I have tried both instances as posted above and still no luck. I have unlinked "position order" and "unit sequence" as neither appear to have corollating fields in VW.
  14. "only export the fields you need in VW" If you mean by this, only fields that work in both LW and VW. I have done this. "Make sure you replace a space with '-', and export as tab delimited file" Does this imply that I should put a "-" in all of my blank LW fields?
  15. ISSUE RESOLVED!!!! There is an extra step that I discovered by reading some of the buried LightWright Posts. Apparently, upon importing back into SpotLight, one has to REFRESH INSTRUMENTS. Perhaps this is just an obvious step known to all but me, but it would have been nice to put it in the manual! Still, I love the product and now I love it even more!
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