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  1. Carl Burnett


    Spoke too soon! the lamp issue is sorted, still have the zoom thing going on. Thanks CB
  2. Carl Burnett


    Thanks Jim, Thats fixed both my issues...until I manage to stumble into another. Yeah, I updated to SP3 and forgot to save prefs. DUH. Thanks CB
  3. Carl Burnett


    When creating a viewport I get this result. Lots of coloured arrows etc. ( the lights are off in the visualisation window. Any ideas how i messed up this time? CB
  4. Carl Burnett


    Hello All, here's a stupid one. When I change view to Sheet layer the plot is zoomed out (its very small) then when I go back to design layer its zoomed all the way in. What am i doing wrong? how can I fix this? Thgank you
  5. Carl Burnett

    SGM Festoon

    Hello I'm experiencing problems using SGM LB 100 led balls. when I make a string of them (52 ball) it takes forever to do anything with them (move, copy etc) I have tried modifying the symbol to take out everything other than the sphere to retain the lamp properties. I still have the same issue. What am I doing wrong? Is there another way to show a RGB festoon that will work in Vision? thanks for any help CB
  6. Carl Burnett

    multiple Views

    Hello, I have managed to open multiple view ports by accident, how do I close them again? Thank you. CB
  7. Carl Burnett

    Colour symbol

    Hi thanks for that. i have 2 symbols that are very similar so, I want to make the outline of one of them a different colour. thanks again CB
  8. Carl Burnett

    Colour symbol

    Hello, I have used the drum kit symbol from VW library how do I change the colour of the kit? the only kit I could find is red. also: in plan view how do I change the colour of a lighting fixture? Thank you you for your help CB
  9. Carl Burnett

    Tyler Truss

    Thats great! I was confused. Thank you so much for taking the time to help out the bewildered CB
  10. Carl Burnett

    Tyler Truss

    OK, I don't want to turn it off or go to grey, I'm trying to get it to look like truss instead of a solid box. I see that it turns into truss when in grey, but not really what I'm looking for. Thank you
  11. Carl Burnett

    Tyler Truss

    Thanks Kevin, Where do I find that? Thanks CB
  12. Carl Burnett

    Tyler Truss

    Hello, Am I missing something (wouldn't be the first time). How can I make Tyler Truss look like truss instead of this (see attached screen shots) Thanks for any help Carl
  13. Carl Burnett

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    Jim Wilson, you're a diamond!! that's the trick I needed. Thanks for your help everyone. Carl
  14. Carl Burnett

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    Ok, thank you Here is my issue: I can see the gobo but the beam is solid, Please see attached screen shot. I'm expecting to see the breakup in the beam. is this possible? thank you Carl
  15. Carl Burnett

    VW Spotlight19 Gobo

    Thanks for your help, I now have gobo's in my lamps. Is it possible to see the beam shape? I can see the image when it hits a surface but the beam appears solid. Thanks again for any help Carl


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