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  1. Hello, I have used the lighting pipe tool to create floor stands, How do I add a texture/colour to them? They show up as white, I have tried to render texture in the Object info Pallet I have also tried changing the colour in the attribute pallet. See screen shot attached, What am I missing? Thank you for any help. Carl
  2. Hello All, I hope you can help me with an issue. I have 12 x GLP X4 bar 20's in my plot 6 x 2 as per the first screen shot from VW. when I export in ESC or MVR the bars are as screenshot 2 & 3. when I rotate on the Y or the Z they rotate as screen shot 4. this image has 6 bars with the Y at 90 degree and 6 with the Z at 90 Degree. Any idea how I can rotate them so they face forward? Thank you all in advance for whatever help you can give. Carl
  3. Hello all, I have created a stage using the decking tool, I want to make the black floor reflective how do i achieve that? I have tried editing the vsBLKtexture but has soon as I add reflectivity the colour disappears. I would be grateful for any help to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance Carl
  4. Hello All, I have a capture card that works with vision, I am having no problem using it with my Mac Book Pro. There is a problem when I try to use it with My Mac Pro (2.7 GHz 12-core Intel Xeon E5, 40 gig Ram, AMD Firepro D700 6GB) Vision and the file open fine with the select Video Source window open, when I press OK Vision quits!! Using same file and capture card I have no problems with my MacBook. I have updated to latest software on both machines. Any ideas would be appreciated. Carl
  5. Thanks bbudzon, MVR? not sure what the is, so i guess I'm not using it 🙂 Im just exporting straight out of VW to Vision. Thanks again for responding Carl
  6. Hello All, I have finally sorted a capture card that works with vision. I now want to know how I size or scale the screen or image so it doesn't duplicate as in the picture attached, you can see that the bottom of the image also appears at the top. Any help is appreciated. Thank you Carl
  7. Hello all, I have posted this in the entertainment part of the forum, thought it worth looking here. I am using GLP Impression X4 20's in my design. I position them in VW (1st pic) then when I export to vision (2nd Pic) this happens. I have found a work round which, is to rotate them in Vision. The problem with that is if I have to modify the VW file i'm back to square one! I am using 50 X4's so it takes a while. Is there a permanent fix? I also have issues with some instruments being upside down etc but that's not such an issue. any solutions/help appreciated. Carl
  8. Hey Gaspar, that worked, so it's a good work round, but if I make any mods to the VW file I'm back to square one. Thanks for the solution carl
  9. Thanks, i’ll give it a go tomorrow and let you know. appreciate your help. Carl
  10. Really? i have tried rotating by 90 degrees, is that what you mean?
  11. Hi everyone, Wondered if anyone had a solution to this orientation issue. I really need to start programming and this is obviously an issue! Thanks for your help. Carl
  12. Hi Paulo, sorry for delay been caught up in other stuff. Only in this project, I think. If change my background it makes it more visible but seems a bit weird I would need to do that. Thank youCarl
  13. Hello, I have my instrument summary (pic 1) create Viewport (pic 2) print to pdf and this happens (pic 3) why is this happening? how do I rectify the issue? If I exit view ports and go back to drawing if I click on plane/ Layer/screen it restores to complete summary. Thanks for any help?
  14. Hello Franco, It was in the Vectorworks Libraries in resource browser. if not it will be in VSS library. Carl
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