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  1. Just now, Josh Schulman said:

    I still get some white rendered results when I’m rendering viewports. I haven’t figured out why it is inconsistent. 

    Solid white can be a few different things, if you restart Vectorworks and rerender and it works fine, then thats definitely a bug. However if you aren't actually getting white but just completely transparent and devoid of geometry on a white background, that might be something different. The next time that occurs, can you place a brightly colored rectangle or something like that behind the solid white viewport and tell me if you see the viewport as solid white or if there are portions that are just empty?

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  2. As far as I have seen, there is one remaining black viewport issue in 2019 SP2 and that is related to the Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Edit > Default Compression setting being set to JPEG. Setting this to PNG should alleviate that particular problem if thats whats causing it, but in 2018 there were more unfixed causes.

    I no longer get any black viewports or renders myself at all, however my issues stopped at 2019 SP1 and some others are still experiencing the one related to compression, which means as we suspected there was one symptom with multiple causes.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Mark Aceto said:

    The end result is 80% as good as Lumion/Cinema but takes 20% of the time (and hardware cost), so it's a no-brainer.

    This is the absolute key to these add-on rendering solutions, they can take you incredibly far for a minimal time investment. I love working with rendering engines and playing with materials but not everyone has the luxury of time to experiment with and learn them. You can go much further into photorealism with a formal rendering package, but not everyone wants or needs to go that deep.

  4. It can be, if you are able to alleviate it by doing the very strange troubleshooting step of undocking your Object Info palette and leaving it simply undocked, then this is a known bug that will be corrected in 2019 SP3. I believe however that there are other steps support will want to perform on that machine as well.

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  5. Specifically discrepancies of the appearance of geometry in Vectorworks vs the direct PDF output. I think the cleanliness part also related to exactly what we output and not just visually, for instance there are situations where exporting to PDF creates a very heavy file because it includes many stacks of the same vertices sometimes, far more than would be needed to cleanly display per-layer. Sometimes these are what is ballooning the filesize and sometimes not.

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  6. 3 hours ago, GreatTheatre said:

    No ideas... nothing.... really helpfull forum....


    Apologies, I missed your question entirely.

    Try this suggestion I made in another similar thread and please let me know the results:

    On 2/28/2019 at 11:49 AM, Jim Wilson said:

    This will sound very strange but stick with me:

    Restart Vectorworks, then undock the Object Info palette from its normal place in the top right corner of the workspace and leave it floating free. Once thats done, try creating those object types and see if the hang still occurs.

    If that temporarily resolves it, then that issue should be corrected once SP3 comes out. Please let me know if it does not affect it though.


    If it's the issue I suspect, a patch will be out soon that will correct it, but this may alleviate it in the meantime.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

    Just wanted to congratulate @Jim Wilson for a cool diy especially because it seems to include a padded seat and steering wheel! Next addition should be a 40hp vac hold down system. THEN the laser head.



    It was definitely the first time I have had a mouse, keyboard, choke, deck height and throttle controls all within reach at once. 

  8. I think at this point we are simply awaiting time from the Web team. We're in the process of tossing out and replacing quite a few things (Maybe, perhaps, because the Forum platform update went so well? Eh? Eh? 😁 )  across our various web presences and the bug submit page is on the list and auto confirmation was on the spec sheet last I saw it. The thing my team is actively working on at this very moment however is related to the Service Select portal, we have some much needed good changes coming in the immediate future.

    We did a number of experiments with getting @BetaBot to post automatically on the forum on behalf of beta testers that submit directly via our bug tracking software, so they just filed a bug the "normal" way (for a beta tester anyway) and then Betabot handled making sure it was placed on the forum so it could be checked/tested/discussed by interested parties. These experiments went well and the engineer that had orchestrated that has been able to pull a few more tricks with it that exceeded expectations. The biggest issue is, going from a strict structured form (what we track bugs with internally, not the bug report page that you all see) to a forum is relatively easy.

    BUT if a user makes a "bad" post in a bugsubmit area for whatever reason, then betabot picking it up and filing it just makes for a rapidly growing pile of things that are not bugs filling up the bug list, which is bad because then engineers spend time sorting through bugs vs not bugs as opposed to spending their time fixing them. The trick will be how we can mix automation with a bit of human oversight to keep a clean bug list.


    Currently the bugsubmit form filters through tech support before it goes anywhere else but a human being reads every single one. For anyone's information who is reading this: easily 70% of all submitted bugs are either just tech support cases that just need a tech to fix, or simple user error/user knowledge issues. Until we work that out, users are free to post here on the board and myself or the other increasing number of employees you see on the board can get it filed in a timely manner.

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  9. When I was a tech support rep I used this and we tried to enforce it's use with the newer techs, we used to have to read off whole serial numbers a lot more often than these days. We absolutely had users call in and go with "X as in Excellent" "K as in Knowledge" and a few other gems.

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  10. On 3/2/2019 at 7:27 AM, Amorphous said:

    Please see enclosed simple example, sided by side, where one takes 8 seconds (with no surface hatch), and the one with surface hatch takes many many times that amount of time (with surface hatch on). Should I post this 'surface hatch' issue as a separate troubleshooting case?

    Woah, yes absolutely. Thats an insane difference for just hatches as the variable, let's track and log that one entirely. Could you send me a sample?

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  11. On 3/2/2019 at 9:30 AM, Terry Ackerman said:

    Jim, any plans to mount a laser on your rig?


    On 3/3/2019 at 5:07 AM, Claes Lundstrom said:

    A blue laser head should be easy to insert as it basically a small box where age milling uint is located. The Chinese ones are quite inexpensive. 


    Very much so. The smaller solid state units up to 5W seem to be able to cut the very thin 3mm plywood, but I've been eyeballing a 50W CO2 model as well. Maybe next Christmas.

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