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  1. I had thought Insertion Point was snappable and could have dims associate with it, but I may never have actually tried, most of the symbols I use have the center of geometry as the insertion point as well. Snapping to center and associating to it works fine, but if i offset the insertion point from the center I can't seem to associate to it.  I'll check if this is a regression and file a bug if so.

  2. If its yellow it means that that background image doesnt have proper HDRI attached to it, its just a panoramic image with no lighting info attached. This can happen with images that just have their extension changed to the needed format. I had been looking into how to add the information manually but have not yet had time to dive into it.

  3. 4 hours ago, Samuel Galmiche said:

    Hi Jim,


    I'm also facing this license renewal issue. As my deadline is approaching fast, do you have any idea how long it will take for my student license to get checked?


    Best regards,


    Samuel Galmiche

    It looks like this request was already approved and the new expiration date will be 2020-04-27

  4. 15 hours ago, willofmaine said:

    By "recreated" do you mean simply updating the viewport, or, literally starting from scratch with a new section line, new crop, etc.?  Other than staggered sections, so far (a couple of days into 2019), I haven't seen any rendering issues with section viewports created in VW 2018.

    I'm going from the bug tracking conversation, but it can mean just updating in some cases, and a recreation of the viewport with the annotations/crop copied in from the old, depending. It's also a "can" so it may only affect sections with certain setups.

  5. Did the previous suggestion fix the other issue?

    This next one looks like it may be Display Light Objects set to Always. This is found under Tools > Options  > Vectorworks Preferences > Display. Did you recent reset your Vectorworks preferences back to default? Or install on a new machine? That may have reset many of these.

  6. This is most likely the Separate Sheet Views option under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Edit on the left side. I personally leave it on so that the zoom level is maintained per sheet since i often bounce back and forth a lot between disparate zoom levels, but some prefer it off. I think it is off by default.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Jillian Mitchell said:

    I was under the impression that VW support their software for three years... we certainly made some buying decisions based on this... but now it seems that isn't correct - perhaps you can clarify?

    We support the current active version of Vectorworks, as well as the one immediately prior, so effectively 2 years of support on the product from the day of launch. You can also remain on the same OS you were using Vectorworks 2017 on an will incur no additional expenses. 2017 even worked without issue on 10.13 High Sierra, it was only Mojave where the application breaking changes were introduced by Apple. They don't do this every year but some years end compatibility more than others. 10.7 was similar.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Our Spaces said:



    At this point with Service Pack 3 for 2019. Would you or would you not recommend upgrading to Mojave yet?


    Curious as to your stance at the moment.



    I now have myself as well, I no longer experience any problems related to it. It should be perfectly safe to update your OS now. Worst case, you may want to reset Vectorworks preferences after updating but thats just a standard OS-update step, not really specific to Mojave.

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  9. Most likely the first thing we will see is simply compatibility with Windows and Mac Dark Modes (I think on Windows its called Theme) which just has our UI take on the colors dictated by the OS. We don't consider this a UI revamp at all, just bringing us into line with current systems. 

    There will be some UI improvement in 2020 but not a full dramatic rework to the level we have discussed here. We do want to dramatically improve the UI, but it is highly unlikely it will be all at once. It is looking like features like Search will be expanded and added to more useful areas, and reworks like the Resource Browser > Resource Manager will happen over time. 

    I'd like a huge UI Christmas morning myself, but it is too massive of a project to be undertaken in a single year, and too much change at once to be something that won't cause confusion.

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  10. 8 hours ago, helloarchitect said:

    Yes, I still have a problem.  When I scroll forward on my Logitech Performance MX, I zoom into space at light speed.  It's incredibly frustrating.

    If this doesn't happen with other mice, then normally uninstalling and reinstalling any companion software (or installing it in the first place if you havent yet) will resolve it. A lot of high end mice are capable of very fast speeds and are very sensitive, but this sensitivity curve is usually controlled in that software. If you see scrolling speed problems in Vectorworks but not out on a web browser when scrolling, this is the most likely issue.

  11. On 3/23/2019 at 1:21 AM, Mark Aceto said:


    Same here. Was instructed to do this a number of times, and assumed it was like "Safe Boot" troubleshooting step because I always restored Best Performance following the tech support call. At least now I know for sure... 


    15 hours ago, BG said:

    Hi Mark

    Can you elaborate on what the issues are with the section viewports? We were thinking of upgrading to 2019, but might not now as we use section viewports a lot.


    From the case notes, it looks like the remaining issues are: 

    1) Sections with staggered section lines are still not rendering properly, only a few cases of this were fixed in SP3, some still remain


    2) Sections created BEFORE 2019 SP3 that rendered incorrectly but had their issues fixed in SP3 must be recreated before they will resume working as expected. New sections made after SP3 should work find (as long as they aren't affected by item 1) A fix is being developed to avoid this but I have no dates yet.

  12. On 3/24/2019 at 7:49 AM, jeff prince said:

    I must have missed something, but I still wonder what happens once you have invested a bunch of work in Twinmotion decorating your Vectorworks model and then have a design change that needs to be incorporated.  I'm left with the impression that you might lose some or all the work created in Twinmotion.

    It's possible to minimize that work, but yes this is the main reason a live sync was requested.



    9 minutes ago, Andrew Pollock said:

    Lumion looks like a great fast rendering program and the live sync plugin seems to integrate it well into VW, unfortunatly it is a PC only program. Is a live sync plug-in in the works for twinmotion?

    The tech we developed that allows us to sync with Lumion is the base tech needed for us to work with Twinmotion and other external rendering programs. Lumion was simply the first we completed work on. More projects like this are planned but there is no timeline for them yet. I would not expect to see any additional integrations like this added until Vectorworks 2020 at least however.

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