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  1. Installed Leopard and am having problems getting VW 11.5 to open. I've downloaded and installed Aladdin's HASP upgrade to Leopard, but I still get the message "You can't open the application VectorWorks 11.5 because the Classic environment is no longer supported." I was running VW 11.5 under OS 10.4.9, not Classic. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. I just purchased VW Designer 2008 (Education edition) and installed it on my desktop. No problems, works very well. the unit is a Mac G4 DP MMD. I also installed it on my new MacBook. When I start the program it asks for the serial number, just as the desktop did. I enter it and get the reply that it is invalid. I've carefully re-entered the number and get the same response. the dongle is attached and showing the red light. Any ideas? thanks, Ed in Dallas
  3. I'm a small practitioner (architect) and want to take advantage of VectorWorks Architect's apparent ability to keep a set of drawings organized. I'm using version 11.5 (Mac), soon to upgrade to 12. I have several questions: -- Can I customize the templated title blocks (e.g., ConDoc D) and maintain the linkages to the master dialog box of information? If so, how? -- Can one change the type face and point size of the itmes entered in the templated title block? How? -- Can one make a custom title block and link the text to the master dialog box? -- I'm having some trouble understanding how to create a small set of working drawings from the manual. Do you know of any clearer, step-by-step guide on how to do this? Thanks!
  4. After several months of no problems, today my HP Designjet 110 inkjet printer refused to print drawings. The printer's dialog box reverts to "Jobs Stopped" a few seconds after the file is loaded. I worked with HP support for almost an hour, uninstalling the printer drivers, installing newly downloaded ones, repairing permissions, and restarting both printer and computer numerous times. Still no progress. Other files like .DOC and .PDF files print fine. HP suggested the problem might be in the Apple CUPS portion of the system software. It looks like only vector files are having problems. Has anyone had similar issues? Any ideas of what to do about it? Right now I have to make .PDFs of my work in order to print it. Thanks in advance!
  5. I just upgraded my Mac G4 DP to Tiger, and the dongle I've been using with VW 11.0.1 does not illuminate and is not recognized. The dongle works fine on my laptop, which is still using Jaguar (thank goodness!). Will appreciate help, as I have a weekend of work to do!
  6. Katie, I have tried several combinations of VW versions and Mac OS on my new G4 DP to try to get may drawings to print correctly. Let me establish the base condition: I've been using VW 9 and 9.5 since it came out on an older G4 Mac running OS 9.2 (native, not Classic). I have produced contract drawings with a 28" wide by 12.95" high format on an Epson 1280 printer. Great results, dependable, solid. I acquired the new G4 DP with OS X Jaguar and Classic already installed. When I open my VW 9.5 documents in Classic OR Jaguar, they do not print correctly. I have re-entered the custom sheet size (28" x 12.95") as both horizontal and vertical orientations and have tried both the Landscape and Portrait formats in the Print dialog box for each variant. Invariably, the sheet is printed 90 degrees off correct positioning . . . a fragment of the drawing is printed true scale vertically on the horizontal sheet. When I convert the VW 9.5 documents to the just-upgraded VW 10, a different difficulty arises: The orientation is correct, but despite SAYING the custom sheet size is 28" x 12.95", it prints greatly reduced, as if it were trying to fit the whole drawing onto an A4 or letter sheet size. My difficulty of yesterday -- that the program would not " hold" a custom sheet size seems to have gone away. Perhaps several restarts did it. Do you have any ideas on how to get the orientation correct on my custom sheet sizes? I'm keeping up with my work flow by moving files to the older native OS 9 machine and VW 9.5. Thanks, Edward M. Baum FAIA Architect Now, with the new
  7. I have just upgraded to VW 10 from 9.5 (Mac OS X and Classic) and have encountered a problem. When I open drawings done originally in 9.5, the sheet border disappears and the Page Setup dialog box shows A4 size. When I go into the Custom option and specify and name my usual paper size (12.95" x 28"), save it, etc, it is not added to the list of paper options in Page Setup. And the dialog box shows A4 again. The custom size function had worked fine in VW 9.5. But now, even when I open 9.5 in Classic the custom sheet size can't 'hold' a specification . . . and reverts. Any ideas about what I am missing or not doing? Thanks in advance.
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