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  1. I see... Is there a way around this? Is this something that I couldn't achieve with Marionette, but could do by going under the hood with some coding? Miguel
  2. Hi HiveMind I am trying to build a dynamic Lighting Instrument. My reasoning: build a marionette network that draws the shape of the symbol based on information from a Record Format (eg: Width and Length of a Lighting Panel). Then I would wrap the network and convert to a Lighting Instrument Symbol. I have bumped into some issues that maybe you could assist with...: - I have managed to get a symbol with marionette encapsulated inside, but when I update the record field, It does't refresh/re-run the script. I have to enter the network and exit for the record field value to express itself. - Once I convert my symbol to an instrument with Spotlight>Object Conversion>Convert to Instrument, all "gets broken". Changes to the record field don't express themselves into the symbol, and the available fields from the "wrapping" become unavailable... What am I missing here? (example file attached) Many Thanks dynamic_symbol.vwx
  3. Hi. Thank you for the lead. I will try to put the vwx together and report the issue
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately, In my case, refreshing the instruments will not move them to the correct location in the hanging positions. Quite an annoyance. I have the rig synchronised with Lightwright. Erasing and re-inserting is a real pain... Is there an appropriate channel to report a Spotlight bug? Many Thanks
  5. Glad to know I am not the only one... I have just checked this on Vectorworks 2018 and the problem is not there. Thus, this seems to be a bug with 2019.... Any other leads? Many Thanks
  6. Hi I might be missing something here... I am working on a Lighting plan with Vectorworks 2019 with some Lighting bars and Lighting Ladders. These are setup as Hanging positions. Some of these have instruments attached to them but in some instances, when I move the hanging positions some or all of the instruments attached to them do not move in tandem with the position. What could I be missing here? Many Thanks


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