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  1. John Holloway

    Design Layers Box has changed

    It's 2017. I think this may have something to do with 3d vs 2d. I'm working in 2d. Clicking on the eye/pane symbol changes the view from top/plan to top. It seems like several things on that bar are different, but really I never thought much about what's there unless I use it all the time. TOP RIGHT BUTTON!!! GOT IT, THANKS.
  2. John Holloway

    Design Layers Box has changed

    I think Visibility refers to the eye symbol? But in the changed version it looks different and doesn't do the same thing.
  3. John Holloway

    Design Layers Box has changed

    Not sure what you mean by top right buttons?
  4. John Holloway

    Design Layers Box has changed

    I'm not sure what happened, the Design Layer box from the menu always worked before, but now it doesn't work with any file even after restarting everything several times. I can still get to the layers from the tools menu, so they are still there. All the layers have the same scale, which I read may make a difference. The top of the image shows what I get from the Tools menu and choosing organization from the menu. Before I was able to access layers from the drop down menu. What's up?


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