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  1. thank you so much for the reply. it took me this long because I had to stop working for awhile but now im back with more queries as I have to finish school deadlines ūüėě
  2. Hi all! I am working on a 70ha lot with an interesting terrain and the existing trees are all in cluster. It seems that it is tedious work of putting each and every existing plants and would generate a heavy file. I was suggested to create in clusters and identify some if not all. Should I use landscape area and edit to cloud shapes? if so, how do I make it appear on the site model?
  3. Thank you again so much! This is great.
  4. Thank you both so much. I have been using create objects and got the hang of it. Now I have to figure out about the existing trees in clusters and proposed.
  5. Hello! How do I make smart objects from polylines and/or shapes? I heard from a webinar that I could do that. I wanted to make drawings in 2d while putting in infos for the 3d model to save time. Looking forward to learning.
  6. Lastly, I ended up drawing on 2d first before the site model because as of now, I'm already behind schedule and I think autocad will be easier for me but I don't want to go back and forth between the two softwares which is why I am trying to do everything in VW. What im trying to do, is it better though? - Drawings first before site model? I'm sorry for all the fuss and my confused brain here is also trying to catch up. I'm really interested on how far I could get with VW until Feb this year. I have so many questions and there's not a lot of students and professors from where I am whom I can ask about the workflows, basically starting from scratch atleast to the site model. The planting plan is one other thing. I hope you'll be patient with me. God bless.
  7. Hello good day! More queries again, still the same for site modifiers. I can't seem to draw on the surface of the terrain. I already tried "Send to Surface" but none. Also, I am working on a 70ha school project and of course there is slow performance because of my laptop but is there a better way to design on the site model in cropped plans so it would be easier and faster? and basically right now, I am drawing on the site model instead of a new layer.
  8. texture bed site modifier for roads is another option and the roads from the polygon tool palette is also okay right? I will try both but I like how the roads calculate the stationing points. I guess I'll have to use texture bed for sidewalk and center islands then. I'll let you know how it ends haha but thank you again mr. Hans!
  9. Hello! Thank you so much. It actually worked. I'm so happy because I've been stressing about it the whole night and now I get to move on with my school project. You are a genius!
  10. Hello, how do I get the rendering or the fill mode to the site model? I did follow everything else and was able to make a 3d but when I used every texture, all I get are the lines and not the actual textures. I'm not really used to this but please refer to screenshots. Also, how do I design on my 3d model? it automatically sits on the plane area and not on the terrain (model). I wanted to create site modifiers (pad and grade limits) but it doesn't really work. Please help me. It's my nth time stuck on repeat, no progress at all.


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