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  1. So we are using project share a lot, and have been for a little over a years. IN 2020 we are getting lots of problems with the interconnect objects. So we have been breaking out Rigging, Lighting, Audio, Scenic, Video, and Production into their separate layers so each dept can work on their own. The problem is the interconnection of the objects to truss, hoist, or lighting pipes. So we are experiencing, an issue of once an we attach these other object to the truss the rigging dept is locking up the drawing by checking out their layers. Vice versa is happening if the lighting dept checked out lights to ender data in the lights they prevented rigging from moving hoist because the truss was checked out by the lighting dept. This is preventing the seamless work environment that Project Share should bring. Now we might be using this wrong, I guess some direction might be needed. Using Dropbox to host the Project share file. thanks.
  2. So I have lighting attached to a lighting pipe connected to truss. I have the truss connection diamond showing the pipe connection. When I select the system and run a calculation the pipe is not added to calc. Any ideas? It shows the connection highlighted but not the Pipe or the lights.
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