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  1. Thanks for the offer Katie. I was ready to e-mail the drawing to you and thought I'd give it one more go, and guess what. It will print but only if the plotter is set to enhanced/best quality. Below this the arcs will not plot. It will take longer to plot but seems to be resolved.
  2. That's right. I've just done another test print in VW10.0.1 drawing numerous arcs in different ways, some extremely large, which plotted ok. Still no joy with the VW8.5.2 converted to VW10.0.1 arcs though.
  3. Thanks Katie but I had tried this. I have tried again, zooming out to the max., but with no success. In response to HJ query; we were still using VW8.5.2 when we got our new HP500 (we missed 9), only to find that it would not work properly (VW8.5.2 did not support it apparently). The work around was to install the HP350C driver which worked perfectly. Now we have 10.0.1 we use the proper HP500 driver. We have worked on some of our 8.5.2 drawing in 10.0.1 and produced full production level drawings, however when some of them are plotted they only print a few columns and lines no matter what settings we use. The good news is that we can send these same drawings to plot via the HP350C driver and they plot perfectly. Other drawings that plot with black text boxes and overlapping dimensions missing are sorted by clicking on the print patterns at onscreen resolution box in the printer dialogue box and sending to the plotter via the HP500 driver which mostly cures the problem. Our final fall back position would be to export from 10.0.1 to 8.5.2 and plot via the HP350C driver although this has not been necessary yet.
  4. We have recently updated to VW10.0.1 from 8.5.2. There have been numerous printing/plotting problems resulting in black text boxes and pattern areas, missing areas etc.. Most are now resolved or we have work-arounds, however we have one unresolved problem - VW8.5.2 drawings with arcs imported into 10.0.1 will not print the arcs at all. Working in W2000, printing to HP500 non-PS. I have changed the arc layers, classes, scales, zoomed right out when plotting etc including putting everything on one layer and class - still no arcs. I can draw new arcs in VW10 on top of the existing arcs and these will print. The latest HP driver is installed. Any ideas how to plot the arcs?


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