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  1. Katie No, the computer is working fine. But I was just wondering if something might be causing VW to shut-down when I am away. I'll have to be more observant in the future, so I can remember if I shut-down VW before I left. both times this happened, I returned after a couple of hours away, and found the empty or default palettes after start-up. Something seems to be targeting the WS file. I haven't added any scripts or old tools, so I can't guess what the problem is. Oh well, back to the old workspace . . . Hey, where'd my palettes go?
  2. VW12.0 on Windows XP My Workspace has been corrupted again. I think I left it running, and when I came back after a couple of hours it was turned off (but I can't remember for sure). When I started up again it went to the default WS. I fixed it by substituting the backup .qtr file I made a couple of days ago. Am I the only one with workspace woes? Any idea what could cause repeated corruptions? Could a sudden shut-down do it?
  3. Katie I have already set-up a new workspace, and replaced the preferences registry with a backup. As far as I know, nothing had changed. I left VW running and went to lunch. when I came back and started drawing, I noticed that some of the palettes were empty. I'll send you a copy of the old corrupted workspace file. Just in case this happens again, I have backed-up both the registry and the WS file for future reference.
  4. VectorWorks 12.0 on Win XP was working fine this morning. I came back after a jobsite visit and started up. I noticed the Tools palette was empty and the Resource Browser was on default. Assuming the Preferences file in the Registry was corrupted, I replaced it with a saved backup. this didn't fix the problem, so I tried to edit the WorkSpace. As I opened the WS Editor, this dialog popped up: "the workspace could not be read. Either it is invalid, or there is not enough memory." Looks like I will have to re-create my workspace. but what could corrupt the QuickTime file? Do I need to save a backup of my WorkSpace.qtr file in addition to the Registry Preferences?
  5. Regarding the PIO, now I remember the drill: Set up as desired, then convert to symbol, then edit the symbol. but I'd still like to have more control over line weights.
  6. While I'm griping, I will add that PIOs should be adjustable like other objects. I just added a toilet partition and the partition lines are very heavy. I can't change them by Edit, or Attributes, or OIP. I think I have seen a work-around somewhere, but I'd like more direct control over the display attributes of a PIO. Thanks.
  7. In general, I think the new page layout is superior to the old one. But, I find all of the display options to be more or less illegible. I have gone back to the Default scheme. But it would be much more readable if the content text was black or dark blue. The default text on a 19" screen is too small for my eyes, and the large text is too large for my taste. I can change the default to a medium size using the browser, so that's not a major problem. But am I the only one that finds the text contrast poor? Is it too late to implement one more change? Think of it as ADA compliance for those handicapped with old eyes. Thanks.
  8. VW12.0 on Windows XP When I select multiple objects, then change the class in the OIP, the change doesn't stick. So, I have to change them one at a time. Also, when I change an open arrowhead from 20deg to 45deg it doesn't stick. This is an old problem, probably back to VW11. Anybody else having these non-stick problems?
  9. VW12 Designer, Windows XP With VW11 I learned a quick and easy way to make the Ceiling Grid Tool offset the grid from the center of a space. Click first at a locus placed in the space where I want the grid to intersect. Then I click each of the four corners of the room. When the grid displays, I would go back and delete the first vertex and the line to the first corner. Voila! IN VW12 this technique doesn't seem to work. So I must let the tool center the grid, and then laboriously move the intersection to where I want it. Am I missing something? I don't suppose it would be possible to use the VW11 tool in VW12?
  10. In VW12 I opened a drawing created in VW11. I tried to edit a door with sidelights, but the parameters were greyed-out. So I inserted a new VW12 door-with-sidelights PIO, but the parameters were also locked. Other PIO seem to be OK. Is there a way to unlock the parameters, or is this a bug in VW12? PS---It's too late to go back and edit the door in VW11, because I have already made a bunch of changes in VW12. I guess I'll try to cut and paste.
  11. Other options: 1) Use arrow keys <^> to move screen to right, left, up or down in half-screen steps. 2) During a draw operation, hold spacebar and cursor becomes a pan tool, release and you go back to the original function. Sometimes these are quicker and easier than mouse panning or scrolling.
  12. I insalled and setup VW12 a couple of days ago on Windows XP,P4, 1 GB RAM, 40GB virtual memory available.The next day I imported a VW11.5 drawing and started working on it. Every thing was fine until after a couple of hours, certain operations, such as changing object attributes started taking an unacceptable long time to complete. Closed all down and started over. Worked fine after that. No error message, but it seems like a memory leak to me. Other than the import from VW11.5 to VW12, I am not aware of anything unusual that might cause a memory problem. I hope this will not be a recurring problem as in some MiniCAD versions.
  13. The Printing dialog in VW 11 & 12 does not have a minimize button. So when I print to PDF a document with dense hatches, such as brick and earth, the spooler takes up to ten minutes (seems like twelve forevers). Meanwhile I can't work on other things, and that makes me tense. Please put a (-) button on the dialog for release 12.1. Pretty please
  14. quote: Originally posted by mike m oz: JHEarcht - you can rotate the snap grid and move its origin to where you want in 2D. In VW 11.5.1 on WinXP the Grid dialog allows you to change the angle of the Reference Grid but not the Snap Grid. However, that dialog would be a good place to add the ability to set-up multiple snap grids on various angles. Then we could align the angled portion of a building with a snap grid on the same angle relative to the default grid.
  15. When I first read about Live Sections, I envisioned automatic Wall Sections. Unfortunately, The new tool in VW12 only cuts a section thru the whole 3D model as a Cross Section or Building Section. There is no detail in the walls. This is a nice addition, but it's not like the ArchiCAD sections.
  16. Regarding Rotated Views: I recently discussed this in some detail with a high-level NNA engineer. The current work-around leaves you with a crick in the neck from working on a portion of the building that is not square with the snap grid. I suggested that the angled section of the building could be aligned with a second user-defined snap grid. I have downloaded the VectorBits tool, but haven't had time to try it out. However, I suspect it might have some of the same limitations of another Rotate Drawing tool on VectorDepot a few years back. That older tool temporarily rotated all elements of the drawing relative to the single snap grid. Then you had to rotate back, and many things could go wrong in the process. Two or more snap grids, similar to the 3D, would be a simpler solution. If NNA includes a Rotate Drawing tool in a future issue, I suspect we will still have to use layerlinks. But the advantage will be that the angled part of the building is square with the snap grid, and with the drafter's head. That way you won't have to rotate it in your head.
  17. Arch.Ken There is a forum specifically for DWG/DXF on this Tech Board.
  18. VW 11.1 on Windows XP (SP1) I copied and pasted 3 large blocks of tabbed text from an old VW9.5 file into a VW11 file. Now in one block some but not all of the tabs are misaligned. None of my attempts could straighten them up. Does any body know a trick to fix untidy tabs????
  19. I had just updated my video driver (ATI) the day before the vanishing act.
  20. VW`11.1 on Windows XP (SP1) VW Vanished like the Wind! After updating to VW11.5 I started having slowdown and crashing problems. The service pack didn't help. So I went back to VW11.1. Now i'm having slowdowns in VW11.1. Yesterday, I was using the Connect/Combine tool to extend several lines to another line using the Alt key. When I clicked on the boundary line, VW instantly **vanished without a trace**. No lock-up, no error message, just desktop. All work not saved was lost. My only guess is that I accidently clicked on a Group behind the boundary line. I've never seen anything like that. Has anyone else ever seen a program disappear in an instant?
  21. Katie I opened another file created in VW11.0. When I added some dimensions, they were missing the middle part of the line between markers. So the problem seems to be related to files that were not created in VW11.0. I'm coping for now, but a fix would be appreciated. JHE JHE
  22. Katie I made a sample in a new letter-size document, and the dimension lines are OK. So I won't bother to send it to you. The problem must be related to this particular file, which was started in VW11.1 and then continued in VW11.5. I have already trashed the preferences and fiddled with the custom dimension settings. Any ideas? Thanks again, JHE
  23. Katie I sent a copy of the file in question to tech@nemetschek on Friday 6/17/05. The email subject is "Sheet views w/ visible crops". In that file I have drawn over the dimension gaps with new lines. In the bottom row of dims click on 3'-4" and 5'-6" to see if it's a line instead of a dimension. After deleting the line, note that the end markers with short lines are drawn, but the middle line is missing. This never happened before I updated to VW11.5, but now it is happening in VW11.1 after I went back from 11.5. On second thought, I will send you a sample specifically on this topic. Thanks JHE
  24. Katie Thanks for your response. 1) Checkmark "No Fill Behind Text" This is checked. None of my text has a fill. This problem only affects about 1/4 of my dimensions. I have never seen this before I updated to VW11.5. 2) Are you using a custom dimension? I'm using a custom dual Dimension. But again not all of the dimensions are affected. There is probably some commonality between the missing line dimensions, but I haven't been able to figure out what it is. For every hypothesis, I usually find some exceptions. My best guess so far is that dimensions that are very close to the text width criteria for being bumped from between the witness lines sometimes lose the line between markers. JHE
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