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  1. @klinzey - Thanks for the response - that makes sense. Ill give that a go. Many thanks ...
  2. Hi there - Im running an MBP with vision & Chamsys onPC (the same MBP) - I can only get vision to connect to the virtual desk when I have a valid IP (ie, Im on a network). I cannot get it to connect on a address. Im doing a lot of programming sat in fields (!) so this is an issue...how do I get Vision to work on a (loopback) address please? Many thanks (Vision 2021)
  3. @JustinVH Thank you for the offer! Correct - Litec doesn't seem to be in any of the libraries (and I am a Service Select member). The straight trusses have been relatively simple to turn in to truss symbols, but the dado corner block is proving hugely frustrating trying to set the snap points! If you have any pointers for creating the dado Id be very grateful! Cheers AntHall
  4. Hi Pat - thanks for this also - many options! Cheers
  5. Hi Mark Sure did - many thanks...I had seen that option during various processes of trying to fix this & thought Id been through that particular hoop - but its worked this time around, so very happy - thank you.
  6. Hi all you knowledgable people... Im a relative newly to VW after over 20 years in AutoCAD...however, Im enjoying the switch! I have a question regarding symbols created in VW & their orientation in the resource browser. I have created a bunch of hybrid (2d/3d) symbols, but their orientation in the resource browser is not as they were created - 2 of the symbols are rotated by 90 degrees. This usually wouldn't be a problem, but Im now going down the road of transforming these symbols in to truss units, and this affects how they are inserted / joined to existing trusses... Is there a way to rotate the symbol in the resource browser at all? Ive attached a couple of screen grabs to show what I have...for instance, the 1.5Mtr section of truss was created as per the screen grab of the vw main screen - however, the resource browser shows it spun through 90 degrees..I can see no reason for this? Many thanks for any pointers... AntHall
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