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  1. I am acting as CAD co-ordinator for a Local Authority. We are windows 2000 pro based. We have recently purchased VectorWorks Fundamental 12.5 upgrade. We have 26 licences. We wish to install to a server so that the licences are available to a wider number of staff. We have an IT support team to carry out our installations. They are currently trying to install to the server and report that there is no option for a server install. Does this require a differnt disk? Please advise how to get from the box to get the programme working on a workstation with the license numbers held on the server. I am acting as go between and do not necessarily have all the correct terminology but any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
  2. We are using 8.5.2 and 9.5.2 on Dell Pentium 4 machines running Windows NT. We upgraded from Tiny Celeron machines because it was imposiible to run 9.5 on these machines because it was so unstable. We also experienced lots of problems with 8.5.2 but it was usable. On the new hardware we are still experincing a couple of problems with 9.5.2. 1) Having drawn a diagonal line and zooming in tight on the line, the line jumps and is viewed as a horizontal line. When zooming out the line reverts to its correct position. This happens only with some lines. 2) The screen does not scroll when dragging a line off the screen. Again this only happens sometimes. Can you help? John
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