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  1. Hello, I have a very strange issue with windows in VW 2019. I took over files from my colleague and it was ok for few days work but all of sudden, I cannot move windows from the wall (I can change other informations but I cannot move it) and if I try to amend walls, the windows suddenly disappeared. Image below when I click walls When I move walls and windows disappeared I can say it happened from when I changed entire WD symbols. (used all symbols updated tool) Please let me know if there is any chance to fix it. Kind regards,
  2. Trin Woo

    2018 SP5 Does not read serial number

    @Jim Wilson It shows the correct serial number automatically but it shows it is invalid. I copied the correct one again but it shows invalid. please refer the attached image.
  3. Hi All, I accidentally updated Mojav and I am facing all issue on vectorworks 2018 now. So, I am trying to install service pack 5 but it seems that does not read my proper serial number. I can not go to next step. Is there any one having same issue or know how to solve this? Kind regards, Trin


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