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  1. Hello, Could somebody help me with setting up the Stite Protection Server? We have two Vectorworks Landmark licences & Service Select maintainance subscription. Currently our licenses are node locked but I would prefer to get them floating on our server. I have understood that it should be possible with the Vectorworks Site Protection server -application. It was quite straight forward to install but can't figure out the following: 1. Which kind of license file I should use? Is it the . tsv file which I can download from the Select Service? 2. How to activate the licenses in Site Protection Server or where to get the license activication key the server is prompting me to enter. Regards Yrjö
  2. Hi, Yes, those are the things I would like to do. I would like to see a couple of other site shaping tools as well but advanced conrol for road sloping would be on top of my list. The main reason for us to purchase Vectorworks Landmark was that we need an application which can save site models to IFC format and our current design application (Microstation CAD & Terra Model) can't do that. I used to export site models in dwg format but demand for IFC models is increasing all the time. I was hoping that we could do at least some part of site modeling in Vectorworks but site design tools are so limited that I am afraid that we have to continue site modeling with Microstation & Terra Model and just export the model to IFC with Landmark.
  3. I just purchased Landmark 2019 and noticed that site modeling tools, especially road tools are very limited for actual 3D designing work. In real life we never design flat roads or pathways. The profile is always sloping to one or both sides (convex) and profies will merge to each other around junctions. Vertical alignment is also difficult without proper tools. I would like to have a slitting tool (Pardon my English, I hope that this is correct word...) where one would see and adjust vertical profile of the whole road in flat 2D projetion. It is very awkward approach to model a road or pathway stitching a bunch of small flat sections together. Another tool I am missing is 3D-offset tool which would offset center line of a road so that you could create a convex profile. Usually I design roads and pathways with Microstation & Terra Model add-on. Terra Model has this kind of 3D offset tool and it has been extremely handy and very productive.
  4. I just purchased a couple of Landmark 2019 licences for our office. We would like to use them for Site modeling but the modeling tools are very limited - for road objects especially. I wonder are there some third-party site modeling plug-ins available for Landmark? The stock road tools are more or less toy grade. I can't see us using them for precise designing work.
  5. Hi, I wonder is it possible to export texture beds to a IFC model and how should I do it (in Landmark 2019) ?My site model exports ok but without texture beds.
  6. Never mind! I found it from Site Settings panel.
  7. How can I change contour intervall in Landmark 2019?
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