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  1. I have spent the last week looking at Lumion, Twinmotion, Renderworks, Unity and now Enscape. I included a couple of links to some test projects for comparisons. With Enscape and Lumion, I would have to say having a live link to your rendering is useful and both handle walkthrough video really well. The Oculus test in Enscape worked perfectly and was really easy to set up. Time to design in VR! Enscape ...See first link below.. Lumion has some excellent materials and assets. Lumion ..Second link It is possible with Unity to export revisions to your model, but then you have to reapply materials. By far the winner for features and access to amazing assets. see third link below. Twinmotion is the best value, and with an FBX import most of VW geometry works. (materials will need to be 2 sided). Program kept crashing, gave up on getting a rendering. Exciting times to finally have an option to Renderworks.


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