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    Thanks for your help. I works great. Johan
  2. Johan


    Hello, I can't use the SDK because C++ isn't part of my knowledge. The birth of .NET brings an opportunity because it is language independent. Actually, we are familiar with Visual Basic.Net. Is there a possibility to call the library in a .NET environnement so we can use it too( we do the same thing with other applications and they work well). Thanks a lot for any comment Johan
  3. Johan


    Hello, Actually, i'm writting a plug-in for a concrete girder to be inserted in walls( walls with or without cavitys). The plug-in works well but i would like to initialize the parameters for the wall-assembly of the plug-in before the girder is created by selecting the wall before calling the plug-in. Gathering the wall-definition is no problem. Someone told me i have to split up the script in : - gathering the wallparameters( of the selected wall), - initializing the parametes of the girder plug-in( -> the parameters of the wall : determines the girder width and his position in the wall) - calling the plug-in. My problem is the initializing of the parameters and calling the plug-in from within the script(and with a normal behaviour). Thanks a lot for any response. Johan


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