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  1. No. We are not saving files to the network. Files are saved individually to the computers we are working on. We have an automatic back up system that updates everyday at a scheduled time, but there appears to be no connection to the time when back up occurs. We have only seen it on one computer of the 3 that we run VW on.
  2. Sorry. Mac OS, and we are on a network. Mac OSX 10.4.7 running on G5's.
  3. Has anyone ever seen this error message: "Internal Error - General failure encountered during disk I/O operation. (Failure on attempt to open file)" It just pops up once in awhile, and there appears to be no common thread. It gives me the option to click OK and when I do, I continue on my way. I just find the message slightly intimidating sometimes.
  4. Yes. I could just create a symbol, but was kind of hoping there was a simple combination of keystrokes (ie. shift+ option + = for ?) that people were using to do the same.
  5. I use VW running in a MAC OS and use the font Helvetica to notate my drawings. Whenever I have to place the symbol for "centerline" I create a "C" and and "L" separately and then arrange them to create the symbol. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this? I know this may be way out of the realm for a VW question, but it may very well be something that fellow users use daily, so I thought I'd take a shot.
  6. Is it possible to create a viewport from a design layer that shows portions of the drawing in sketch mode and portions shown in regular line work? When I try to do this I can only set a global rendering setting and the entire viewport is shown sketched. The only thing I have tried that works is to over lay two viewports showing two different settings.
  7. I didn't realize when I posted that your time was so precious as to not be able to perform an extra step to insert the a PIO, or that you have difficulty with basic math. My sincerest apologies.
  8. Have you tried inserting the door using the "offset insertion mode"?. All you need to do is select that mode prior to installing the door in the wall, then click the corner nearest the door location, click within the wall to insert the door at which point a dialogue box opens and you can specify an offset from the corner. Simple as adding the required offset amount to 1/2 the door width.
  9. Thanks for the information. It works great.
  10. Is it possible, using the batt insulation tool within the detailing palette, to have the insulation taper from a minimum width to a maximum width. An example would be where the batts meet a sloped roof and need to be fit into a triangular shaped space. Just curious.
  11. I think I may already know the answer to this problem, but just need some reassurance. If I have a Floor Plan and want to create a viewport of a particular portion of the plan at a larger scale, but have it appear with said floor plan.....do I need to create a viewport of the plan first on a sheet layer, then create a viewport of the area I need detailed on the same sheet layer???
  12. Is the object you are trying to scale a symbol or plug-in object?. If so you need to select "edit symbol" from the MODIFY pull down menu and change it's size there.
  13. Well....maybe I'm missing something, but what if a certain class has elements in it drawn with various line weights? For example a plan view of a door and sidelites. I like to have the framing members drawn in a heavy line and the doors swings drawn in a lighter weight.
  14. I set the VW workspace to have a black background and use various colours to distinguish line weights. For example I know if I'm looking at one of my drawings that a yellow (colour #5) is a 15 mil line thickness. Is there a way to have these two criteria - line weight and colour - set up so that when I choose a 15 mil line weight that it automatically draws a yellow line?? I have seen where I could set it up using classes to achieve this but that wouldn't always work the way I intend.
  15. We have experienced the same problem here in our office. We are running Mac G5's all around with VWA12. We are using a tape drive back up system that runs once a week on our network. We will be changing now to run daily, because this morning we lost two files to this problem. VW crashed while the drawings were both open. After relaunching we discovered both files to be damaged and were not able to be recovered. They are both zero Kb now and the message displayed is the same as other have seen here in this posting.
  16. I am running VWA 12.0.1 (latest update for Mac). I have recently been working on a project where I am showing some exposed aggregate panels in section. For this particular material I was using the Linear Material Tool and setting the preferences to Plaster/Stucco and it worked great. I could set a thickness and density for the aggregate and it looked good in the details. Since upgrading 2 weeks ago and again late last week (the MAC thing) I have not been able to get the desired results as before. When I apply the values and use the tool to create an object as before the effect is exagerated and out of scale. Anyone else???
  17. Existing files from version 11 opened into version 12 lose the ability to display or print italicized text even though the Info Object Pallette says the text is italic. Anyone else notice this problem too?
  18. Has anyone else experienced the following???: I have created several drawings using VWA12 on Mac G5 Dual 2.5 GHz running OS 10.4.3 and have had this particular problem with 3 separate yet totally unrelated files. At some point after creating the drawing and working on it several different times, I have gone to open these files and get the message that the file has been created with an older version of VW and am prompted to save it as VWA12 with the .mcd extension. This is all fine and normal if the file was indeed something other than a VWA12, but it is not. It IS already a VWA 12 file. After selecting OK in the dialogue I am then presented with a rather ominous message that the file is unrecognizable or that it has been created by an older version of the CAD software and therefore cannot be opened. If I go back and check the particulars on the file, the size is shown as zero Kb and we all know what that means. The file is now useless and unless I have a back up of it saved, it is lost. Has anyone had a similar experience?, and if so, Is there anything that can be done about it?.
  19. I have created a custom window object in VWA12 by extruding a polygon for the overall frame and subtracting several extruded polygons for the openings. I have done this numerous times in VWA11. Now though, when I try to calculate a hidden line rendering, the object appears incorrectly. Some of the edges don't appear at all and the extrusions appear hollow. Anyone else having this problem?.
  20. Can you change the colour of an image prop? or do I need to create a new one from scratch? I am preparing a rendering where I need to apply a corrugated metal siding in a slate blue colour as opposed to the galvanized image prop that came with VW. Any suggestions?
  21. I using VW Architect version 11.5.0, running on a Mac G5 Dual 2.5 GHz with OSX 10.4.2.
  22. I am placing Door Numbers using the ID label Tool, and I am working on a metric drawing at 1:200. The problem I am having is that the ID Labels are really quite large in the scheme of things. The manual says that they can be scaled up or down by using the "marker scale factor" in the Object Info Palette, but this seems to have no effect on the size at all. Anyone know of a way to do this? I need to shrink the ID's by half.
  23. Is there a way to have the Room Name text within the Space Tool wrap?. For example, if I have room name that is quite long the text may not fit within the room in plan and looks really bad.
  24. Is there any way to NOT have the database row displayed in the Door Schedule?. I am always asked what that number at the top of each column is for and then I need to explain it's only a sum of items and to disregard. I think it would be more appropriate to just not have it displayed at all.
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