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  1. Quicklsilver/Dual 800MHz: VW folder is in the application folder. I've tried installing 10.0.1, which states completion, but the App. info does not agree. I'm always hesitant to update, especially if no problems are present, and no fixes address my system. What is this re-install the entire VW with the continued installation of the upgrades too? I suppose, it has to do with where the folders go? Please explain, why it runs the upgrade App, and states completion, if it can't find it? The window does say "searching hard drive" B4 running? thank you. side note: Some products don't need2B replaced, just because of the cable trends and their oppertunistic manufacturing practice of limiting ports! Although, I still can't print from OS X, due to my $investment$ in the Epson1520 wide printer in '98, which still works wonderfully with the ethernet card. I'm considering dropping OS X entirely, due to its making compatibility nightmares, while offered empty promises of "use both processors" hype. I realize the limited time of developer exposure to OS X, but don't ignore the concept behind the idea of the word PROTOTYPE. I would much rather see the computer components industries, leap to next generation abilities by spending more time in the labs, than the present slightly incremental upgrades which waste raw materials on parts that'll be worthless in a year.


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