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  1. Thanks for Replying! So oddly Ive been trying to go into openGL via the teapots on the taskbar with no success. I have just tried now going to Open GL via 'View>Rendering>OpenGL" which has immediately fixed the issue. I assumed this was the same thing?
  2. Hey all, Im struggling to fill a simple 3D shape. Attribute of object is set to solid with a colour. Im creating a rectangle in Right isometric view and am extruding the shape, however no fill colour is applied. Every video I watch on YouTube where people create and extrude a rectangle in the same way shows the shape with a colour. Can anybody tell me what im missing. Thanks in advance!!! Matt
  3. Angles1

    3D Scaling

    Hi, Thanks for your responses guys. Unfortunately it is World Based however i have tried both options with no luck. Thanks Pat, however i am working on design layer so scaling should be the same. Unless there is something i am missing?
  4. Angles1

    3D Scaling

    Hi, Im working on a 3D model. There are some objects that i import from our custom library that do not scale at all with the current drawing I'm working on. In the OIP it shows as a 3D symbol. It appears much larger and sits in front of my other drawing. I can not it push back in prospective to sit it in my 3D building. I try to scale the object using Scale objects in MODIFY but nothing happens. However when i drag an object from a vector works library it scales perfectly on import to the drawing. Its like the object I'm having issues with has no real reference. Hope that makes some kind of sense. If i can clarify anymore please let me know. Its very frustrating!
  5. Thats fixed it. Thanks Mark!
  6. Hey all, Im running VW2018. Up to recently whenever i try to import a DWG on either a current session or on a new session things go wrong. It says that its importing, then confirms that the import is complete however nothing appears. Then on occasion when you shut the file down and re open it, it then tries to restart the import. Any ideas? Thankyou all.
  7. Angles1


    Hi all, When drawing line attributes or when using a rectangle round some objects to create a viewport nothing appears. I can see dashed lines as I'm drawing them however once i click to complete not object is created. My attributes are set to solid and a size of 0.18. Can anybody point me in the right direction to what i may have done for this to occur. Thanks all.
  8. thank you for your fast response. Will this still work with if the image is made up of multiple objects (classes). I find because of this when i change the scale or size in anyway the objects go everywhere
  9. Hey, I have an existing VW file containing a ground plan at a scale of 1:1000. I need to replace that ground plan with an updated one that i have been sent. To import that DWG into my current file and for it to be the same size on paper the scale of the new object needs to be 1:1000000. I have other layers within this project all of which are a scale of 1:1000. How can i make my new ground plan the same scale but still fit into the page and allow me to overlay/line up to my previous plan i have. Ive tried changing the scale of the new plan to 1:1000, then grouping all the objects associated with the new plan and trying to reduce its size but it throws the plan and objects all over the shop. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I may be trying to do something that cannot be done. Thanks!!


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