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  1. Are you able to send it to me? Thanks!
  2. (Don't mind the objects in the background). The cubes around the "building" are the spaces that I want to cut from the building, so each time you can see the floor cut at 1m50. Opdracht 1 - Kubussen (Plooimodel).vwx
  3. Is it possible to send a copy so you can take a look maybe?
  4. Than it won't work either! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. For school I just needed to place my extruded floors on each other and than needed to add solids and than add a cube around it so we could trim them at a height of 1m50. Like this:
  5. Hi! I want to "add solids" to a model I created but it won't let me do that, how? It says this: (I have full Benelux Vectorworks version btw)
  6. Hi! I want to see the lines of object I made but they won't show them, neither when I turn off the Zoom Line Thickness, help!
  7. It worked, thanks! Sorry I'm just a starting Architect student in college but never used it in high school
  8. Hi This? I can't find the snapping option.
  9. Hi there! So I want to draw my lines next to an object but it won't show the dots on the corners like it used to do some weeks ago. Suddenly, it changed it all and wouldn't show them anymore and as result you can't draw good shapes. Also my layers are always in 1 layers, and the default class and layers are on (Class= 9, layers= 5) just like other students of my class and it works for them?! Even when I'm on it or select a cube for example. Here's the problem in pictures. Thanks!


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