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  1. Hi Tamsin, thanks for your reply, big relief that I don't have to position them all by hand! For anyone else's reference, I had the slopes modelled as 3d polys which is why the tool wasn't reading the slopes. I swapped them out for site models but then I had a problem with the plants generated by the Landscape Area Tool either not moving down at all, or moving down all at the same level when I used the send to surface command. I fixed this by making sure the shape I drew with the Landscape Area Tool was all within the boundary of the site model I was drawing on top of, then the plants corrected their heights automatically. Thanks again, James
  2. Hi, Was just wondering (and hoping) if it's possible to use the Landscape area tool similar to 3d poly and create planting areas on a slope rather than purely a 2d plane? Or if it's possible to explode the generated planting then send to surface maybe? Had a search but only found posts about glitches rather than about 2d/3d. Perhaps this could be a wish list item if it's not already been requested. Thanks, James
  3. Hi there, I was just wondering if there's a way of drawing and setting up section lines without vworks rendering each one as soon as I've finished drawing it? I don't mind the box popping up after I've finished drawing the section line, but after I'm after the choice to keep drawing instead of going to that sheet after pressing okay. I'd really like to just draw a bunch of them, set up the display attributes/projection, which sheets they are on etc, and once I've got them all drawn, set them to render so I can go off and do other things. Hopefully there's an option I've missed to do this...


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