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  1. @sram27 having the same problem and as a workaround I'm drawing a rectangle over the "clip" and turning that into my viewport. Have you found the solution to the problem or is it a bug in the new version?
  2. hello forum users (first post so go easy :-)) I have been working with a Faro scanner to collect point cloud data. Imported the point cloud into vw (2020) to play with. When I select the clip cube tool, set a clipping side to my desired selection and select "create section viewport", the viewport always seems to come up with a black mask obscuring the desired selection. This is whether I try to place the viewport onto a design layer or a sheet layer. Is it something to do with the fact that I am manipulating a point cloud rather than other object, either drawn in vw or imported in? I watched a tutorial uploaded 3 years ago that was simply doing what I wanted - but, of course, without the intruding black mask. Below I have added a screen shot to better illustrate my dilemma. Looking forward to the replies best regards Marc
  3. No prob. Found it! Spotlight > architectural > wall projection.
  4. Looking into this as well - drawing on top of a .pdf plan of a venue and the walls are all sorts of different widths - is it possible to do this same function in Spotlight? Thanks in advance.


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