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  1. I made a Light Position (LP) out of a hybrid symbol (flybar) If I first put the LP at a certain height, the lighting instruments, that I place on the LP are also on that height. If I than change the height of the LP in the Object Info palet, the instruments stay at their original height. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a "feature" (in contrary to a bug)?
  2. Is there also a field reserved for the number of channels a moving light needs? (for instance a StudioColor needs 16, a MAC600m4 needs 14) And can this be already included with the symbols, wich come with the software? This will simplify making a plug-in, wich quickly can adres spots. How do you deal with a V*L5? (wich needs a startadres for the spot and a seperate one for the dimmer)
  3. Dear Fergy, I have asked for a solution for this many a times, but somehow Nemetschek can't or refuses to actively resolve this issue. Commenting on the solution of having different symbols for the different orientations, it does help, but from a paperwork point of view, this means, that a simple summary of symbols in the lightplot will contain 6 times x.Spot hung, 12 times x.Spot 90 degree, and so on. there is a workaround, namely: select the symbol, go to a sideview, select "duplicate array" and with this make a rotated copy of the symbol. Delete the original symbol. with this, you will keep a 2D-view of your hybrid symbol, put how this looks, will be affected by the rotation of the 3D part. Another solution (wich will incorporate some complex programming work) is to draw only with 2D symbols and "dynamicly" switch to it's 3D counterpart. For instance: name the 2D symbol: "x.Spot 2D" and via a macro replace this with "x.Spot 3D" (wich has only 3D components) I know, that in another CAD-program, this is the way of dealing with 2D/3D. Anybody up to the challenge?
  4. I was wundering, where to put the DMX Universe info in the Object Info of an Lighting Instrument. I think, that {Channel} would be for entering the DMX startadres, but where do you put the DMX universe?
  5. I don't know if this even technicly possible, but for presentations of projects to clients, it would be great if the lightsources placed, not only have an effect on the objects, but also on the air. With other words, create smoke in the space rendered. Programs specifficly designed for the lighting industry like Wysiwyg (www.wysicad.com) or martin showdesigner can. This could make Vectorworks a standard in the entertainment-industry!!
  6. I want to second this wish. I work for a rental company of sound and lighting company and all I basicly do is cut and paste symbols. Quick acces to the right symbols would greatly raise productivity
  7. I second the proposition of a thumbnail index of symbols. I work for a lighting and sound rental company and all i basicly do is cut and paste symbols. Quik acces to the symbols would greatly simplify my work
  8. RemcoT

    rendering air

    Is it possible to give the air in a drawing a certain density? So that I can see the beams of the lightsources. Do I need Renderworks for this??


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