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  1. Still happening in VW19 SP2. Continually having to re-select and add textures to objects between renders in different viewports. Making it impossible to get multi-viewport sheet layer renders done.
  2. Thanks! For now I'll just manually make it look like it's supposed to so I can get this design out to the client. Appreciate the response.
  3. 18'x91' screen. VW inserts 3 projectors for this, resulting in 150 px overlap. Want to increase to 4 projectors with 740 px overlap for a better blend. Increasing horizontal count and inserting projectors will not update. Projectors remain with the same overlap and just extend past the screen. Cannot overwrite values in any of the text boxes to alter this. Known bug? Operator error? Should I just give up and manually create this? It's never really worked well for this; no changes in 2018 from previous versions. Should be able to alter horizontal count and have it auto-update with the new overlap pixels, percentage and distance.
  4. Any idea on when this will be fixed? This is killing me. And the auto-classing of plug ins is excruciatingly annoying. Whoever decided that should be flogged. Most of us have huge lists of default classes we use, and now we have to go hunting and reclass every object we create.
  5. Previously, I'd click where I wanted the truss to start, hit 'Tab', enter length and/or angle, and truss would be created. This still works as it should for all other items that I can find. In fact, it still shows those two options when I start a truss. The moment I hit 'Tab', the truss tool deactivates and I'm back at my selection tool. This is maddening. Bug, or new "Feature"?
  6. Is AnimationWorks currently alive and supported? On the site, only Matt's sample video works; the rest have errors. And other links on the site are many years old, such as the C4D versions.
  7. On a related note, I try to install all of the libraries following the instructions. I get the "Starting Install" text and nothing ever happens after that. I've been stuck using the old libraries since 2014 was released because of this. I've followed the instructions by double-clicking, dragging into a window, and dragging onto the application icon. Same problem each time. Any tips?
  8. It also screws up the textures applied to any screen objects as the screen image. You have to pretend to edit the screen image to fix it. Just discovered it last week via the same issue.
  9. It's more on the modeling end, but I would absolutely love to have warping features like 3D Studio Max or others have, so that I can easily modify primitives instead of trying to edit NURBS or mesh surfaces. I've got a ton of scenic items that can't be created simply in VW so I have to create them in other software and then import them, usually resulting in monstrously bloated files. There are also a lot of issues with shadow rendering, at least that I've discovered, as well as a clunky Open GL rendering engine that doesn't render anything in groups well. I've complained about that for several versions, to no avail.
  10. I've had the same problem for years, version after version. Here's something else you'll notice: if you create a group within that drawing, and then double-click to edit the group while in OpenGL mode, you'll get a nice, rendered view, within that group. I believe it has to do with the render light inside the symbol because as soon as you insert the instrument, there's a light object in the model with 0 intensity. However, adding a couple of directional lights to the model for rendering purposes doesn't really solve the issue well.
  11. Maybe I'm missing something here, but why not just use render lights to create what you're trying to do, and leave the lighting symbols where you really want them to be? And go into the default instrument texture and deselect "cast shadows" to prevent your floating shadow problem. You'll get more realistic and elegant lighting effects on your panels doing it this way.
  12. Works fine for me, and the math works out PROVIDED you're using 16:9 projectors. Make sure you've selected those, not 4:3 and you'll be good to go.
  13. Depth of field in a rendering makes such a difference. I really wish we could get that out of Renderworks. If anyone knows tricks, I'd love to hear them.
  14. When textures are applied to floors, the settings for "Cast Shadows" and "Receive Shadows" in the texture resource apparently don't work. This probably also explains why floor objects look poor in my renderings, because the shadows aren't displaying properly. So, when using a floor as a ceiling and placing directional lights in the model, you get really ugly shadow lines if there are any objects in the ceiling such as vertical walls around soffits that are not a floor object. As it was explained to me before, when I want to show the ceiling in camera VP renders I need to texture the ceiling with textures that don't cast shadows. Then it was further explained later to use floor objects as ceilings to allow hybrid functionality. Solution was to convert the floor objects to 3D polys, but this loses the hybrid object functionality when switching between 2D plan and 3D views. Bug, or some other issue?
  15. I posted the same problem two years ago. Alpha channel masks and lit fog didn't play well together in that version of VW/RW. I haven't tried it yet in 2012. Is that in the venue at the park?
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