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  1. I am having issues with the instrument summary. If i try to create a instrument summary in advanced or create one that I can use in multiple drawings, it will work untill i start adding new things to the drawing, then it just nulls all values and I have to recreate the whole block over again. Is there a way to create a default Instrument summary, so i do not have to create a new one each time? Is there a way that I can import a format of instrument summary?
  2. Hello all, I am having issues with VW 2018 placing my sheet border and Title block into the right place. Everytime I tell it to insert the border, it automatically is defaulting to separate origin. I have gone into the settings and have told it to fit to sheet, I have also reset the sheet origin to be the center of the sheet, but the issue persists as is. I have tried it with a few different sheet border from my custom ones to the stock vectorwork, still no resolve. Any recommendations?
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