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  1. If you look at the attached drawing There are two Mole Richardson soft lights attached to the taildown Pipe Stage Right. I got the symbols from the VW library. they refuse to appear in the drawing. They are the same class and on the same layer as other instruments. WHY? Why wont library symbols not appear in the drawing. I even tried to pull units from other drawings that worked. and they disappear again as soon as I place them on the drawing. 10 VERSIONS OF VECTOR WORKS AND IT IS STILL AWFUL. POWER ICA .vwx
  2. Vectorworks 2017 seems kind of bug-ee. I just got the new service packet and every time I double click on a spotlight symbol it switches from plan to 3d top and instruments from the VW library disappear. I checked the class visibility and they are all on. It doesn't seem to be because of class. Also, in the Spotlight find and Modify no longer recognizes selected lights.
  3. I am trying to import spotlight instruments from the user library. The symbol shows up in my resource browser and I can insert it onto my plan view. But when I switch from top view and then back to plan view the symbols disappear. The legend remains but the fixture is gone.
  4. I purchased VW 2017 spotlight. Going through the Resource Browser I cannot locate the Vectorworks library lighting instrument folder. Isn't this folder included in VW Spotlight. Should I look elsewhere?
  5. Hi, I am trying to duplicate, edit and rename instruments in the resource browser in VW2016. Is this possible anymore?


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