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  1. I have this problem as well, for well over a year now. I'm using Vectorworks 2018 on a Macbook pro running Sierra. Vectorworks has become almost unusable. Simple actions like editing text cause terrible lag, which gets progressively worse during each session. Every hour or so Vectorworks will crash or freeze, and I often have to reboot my computer. I am only using the software for 2d construction drawings, using the most basic features. I paid over $7,000 CAD for this software so I'm extremely angry and disappointed. Vectorworks has never managed to address these issues. I see dozens and dozens of forum posts complaining about the same issues, and never any progress indicated or solutions provided. At this point I am on the edge of going back to Autocad, at least I know that it's stable.
  2. Thanks very much for the detailed response, particularly the advice on exploding blocks, purging, etc.
  3. Hi David - Thanks, I was thinking the same thing - the file contains info imported from a Surveyors' drawing, which does have an odd fonts, and exploded hatches. cheers, Innes
  4. Hi Nina, thanks for your reply. I've attached a copy of the VW file. Regards, Innes 2911_PLANS-site-only_BP.vwx
  5. Hi there - long time VW user, but just started using VW 2017. I've just exported a site plan in dwg format for a consultant, and can't believe the file size - over 25 MB, just for the siteplan, no other drawings in the file. Previous version I was using (VW 2014), I had exported the dwg for this file at less than 2 MB. Can anyone comment? Are there any settings I should be aware of before exporting to dwg format? cheers


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