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  1. Create Individual Property Lines from Survey Data

    This is a pretty basic Marionette object to help me build property lines without having to use and troubleshoot the existing Vectorworks Property Lines tool.  
    It builds a single line based on the entry of survey data (ie: 125.5' N 40° 35' 19" W).  This works one at a time and does not build arcs.  I've tested it on a few particularly messy plats and it seems to work well enough.  
    After producing a single property line, ungroup and arrange it where you want it (Marionette will place the line at 0,0), then repeat until you're finished, easy!  If you're super into the Property Line tool, you can gather all the lines together, compose them into one poly, and Create Objects From Shapes the whole thing into an official Property Line.  
    I hope you find this helpful.


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  2. Switch/Outlet J-Box Marionette

    This marionette object builds a switch or outlet in 3d.  
    Based on Bruce Kieffer's great switch/outlet & J-box objects, thanks Bruce!
    Options include 10 basic switch plates, 20 switches/outlets, & two colors of J-boxes in three sizes (representing steel or plastic).  Allows you to pick cover style, vertical or horizontal, and 1-3 device types, as well as setting the object height above the layer elevation. 
    Please note that you have to pick the correct device for the cover type (ie. horizontal or decor/standard).
    If you want a worksheet to pull the embedded data records, set up the marionette object and ungroup it. 


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  3. Framed Artwork

    This object frames up your artwork.
    Included are 100 frame profiles and 100 artworks*.  
    It's pretty simple to add in your own art or frame profiles, just load the instructions poster into the marionette.  Because of these resources, the file is roughly 40mb.  
    I would recommend pulling any art or frames you know you'll never use out and storing them somewhere else in the resource browser or deleting them. 
    Hopefully it's useful. 
    *Permission for use of the artwork generously given by Bill Cramer & N.C. Swan. 
    (Built in Vectorworks 2024 Update 1 on Mac OSX 13.1)


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