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  1. OK Katie. Got it. I printed a test page and it says that the driver is version 5.00. Hope this is what you need.
  2. Katie, I already tried that. When you right click on the printer and open properties, the only thing listed for the driver is: XK50CX. There is no version or file name or other information. But, there is information in the "Scan to PC" module that says it is 1.01. This may refer, howver, to the scanning module only. Thanks.
  3. Hi Katie. I am afraid I do not know what driver version for the XK50 I have installed. I do know that it is a version distributed by Xerox specifically as an update for XP. I have been using the printer with Vectorworks and all my files on both version 8 and 9 of VW with no problem until now. Thanks for the help. KT
  4. Yup you are right Katie. My slippery fingers mistyped and it is in fact an XK50CX. Thanks for the help. KT
  5. I use Vectorworks 9.5.2 on a Windows XP machine running at 1.4Ghz. While working on projects in one of my offices, I often print draft versions of sections of drawings to a Xerox XP50CX printer. I developed a problem with a drawing I am working on. I am trying to print the drawing, which is 9 legal sized pages. Each time I print, the printer stops halfway through page 6 and times out, which causes the job to cancel. Several times, while changing windows in the job after this happens, I see an error message box pop up and disappear. It says something about a required resource being missing. All other 8 pages print fine. Any suggestions about how to fix this and what is causing it? Thanks very much.
  6. I recently upgraded to Version 9. I am having difficulty removing static hatches once I have applied them to an area in a drawing. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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