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  1. Hi, All. I don't want to ask for the Export PDF settings and file name. Something is wrong with my Script? I am using Vectorworks 2017. if vs.AcquireExportPDFSettingsAndLocation(False): if vs.OpenPDFDocument('test.pdf'): vs.Layer('layer_name') flag = vs.ExportPDFPages('layer_name') vs.ClosePDFDocument()
  2. Hi Patrick Winkler. It Worked! Thank you very match!
  3. Hi, Patrick Winkler. It Worked out using ActiveX. Thank you very match for your advice. May I ask additional question. Are there any available ActiveX Methods to pass PythonScript to VectorWorks. I tried DoScript of ActiveX but it didn't work.
  4. Hi, All. Can I ask how to call script in vwx file remote. I'd like to know if following ways work. OS is Windows7. -Pass script when VectorWorks is started from Command prompt. -Call from PowerShell. Thank you.


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