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  1. I will chime in on the use of a Surface Pro for running VW2017. I have been running VW 2017 full suite on my Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 now for over a year, and the only issue that I have run into is with a limitation on the number of fixtures, textures, etc when rendering. OpenGL has been a great troubleshooting feature with regards to texture adjustments and lighting changes. Changes happen quickly, force closing happens very rarely, and overall workflow is smooth. Even final renders look great. I just have to find creative ways to get the looks I want with fewer available resources. Right now I am trying to decide if I should get a desktop just to render projects and use the Surface to initiate/design projects allowing me to work from anywhere. My problems are that I don't want to be stuck at the office to work, but I also don't want to carry around the kind of laptop required to do EVERYTHING on one device. 1st world problems. So, yes, the Surface does work for well for design. Rendering is the only area that will not be all that it can be without transferring to a more robust machine. Thanks,
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