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  1. @Dave Donley Has anyone else had reported the same problem?
  2. @JimWThanks for your return. I tried everything that was mentioned in this topic. Unfortunately none of them worked, renderworks still fails. I dont know what to do next. Follow images of both render. OpenGL shows the white box, while final quality shows a blank window.
  3. @JimWHas anyone else had reported the same problem? When I try to render the same file on my mac, it works just fine.
  4. It's a Windows 10 Home Single Language Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz 8GB RAM Operational System 64bits - x64 @Alan WoodwellI coulnt find what @Dave Donleydid to solve this kind of problem I have attached a video that shows exactly how my final quality RW fails 20170404_202859_72337676796720.mp4
  5. Unfortunately blank window for both fast renderworks and custom renderworks, same as final quality. =(
  6. While I was using 2016 version, had no problem at all. After updating to 2017, Renderworks Final Quality stopped working. I can't see anything but a blank window with this mode on. Open GL works fine, but it's not enought to finish a project and get to the best image (to figure the reflexion - glasses, mirrors etc - , lighting and all features Final Quality provides better than Open GL). I have contacted my local support, who keep saying there is nothing wrong with my file and neither this new version, althought they couldn't guide me to configure the right setup to this new version. When I try Final Quality on a Mac, the same file works just fine (all render options). Does anyone else have the same problem?


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