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  1. Has anyone moved this node issue??? SURFACE FROM CURVES?? or has anyone found a work around
  2. Thanks for the reply Patrick So the 3 large "Beams" are built 1. using the (NURBS Curve) node to form a straight line that has 3 points beginning middle and end. more will be added as the form gets more complex 2 a rectangle is extruded alone the curve using the origin as the first point in the curbs curve (this seems to work well and respond accordingly when the parameters or inputs are changed) the problems start to come about when I build the cross members (8 are show in the photo one is a line) the cross members need to be tied to the beams so when the beams change the cross members respond. below is the way I coded and built the object. please let me know if there is a simpler way to create the cross members. 3 the beam curve is divided using the (divide curve) node into (x) amount of points this is done for all the beam curves. these are ten exploded into a list node. 4 the points form 3 exploded curves are then each connected using a order list node and the NURBS curve node. 5 then a rectangle is extruded along the curve in similar fashion as the beams. MY ISSUES -Is there an easier way to code and build this? - when the beams change elevations the cross members do not respond to the beam and stay perpendicular is there a way to make this happen - the cross members will be (2X4 dimensional lumber) and need to be offset to the top of the beams which will be (2X12 dimensional lumber) is this possible? Thank you for any help AW
  3. Hello all! I am working at a firm this summer in Nebraska and we are using Vectorworks. I am still learning the program however I have been tasked to create a canopy similar to the one below (Image 1) and was told I should explore marionette to make it. It needs to be full parametric since we are only in the schematic design phase. I have uploaded my code file below. The way I created the code was similar to how I would have modeled it... not sure if that is the right way. It is quite messy and disorganized. Essentially I need a way to create the smaller members and that they sit onto of the larger beams and move with the larger beams. Please let me know if you can help thank you AW Script_for_canopy.vwx


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