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  1. I have a 3d contours of a site showing the cut required to create terraces on a sloping site and I need to export a flyover of it so the client can visualise the retaining wall areas and where the ground is being cut away - any suggestions how I export a video fro them to see?
  2. When I go to "Edit Viewport" anmd click "Design layer" option instead of taking me to the image on the Design Layer it takes me to teh centre of teh Design layer page - is there a means to change it so it goes to the image as seen on the Viewport (as it used to!) ?
  3. I am working on a proposed industrial estate on a sloping site where I have four plots and will need to do c=some cut and fill to plac eteh structures and retaining walls and have been provided with as existing contours of the site (with the contours at 500mm height increments). I woudl like to convert the contours into a solid surface and then create site sections through the site (approx 20 sections). I have tried the Vectorworks help but cannot work out how to do it to create 2D sections that I can then trace or create into a polygon as an existing section - any suggestions? Thanks
  4. @markdd Many thanks,that worked a treat.
  5. Is it possible to convert a set of linked lines into a polygon? I have been sent cross sections through a site and the system that created (AutoCad Civils) it simply has a seies of linked lines to show the "as existing" ground levels. I want to have them as a polygon that I can then show coluoured up and show the as proposed as a different coloured area.
  6. Also it now as I open up puts up an error mesage "Error loading Vision Library!"
  7. I follwoed theinstructions and deleted the two files I found, then rebooted - but no better, even tried un ataching the obj Info box.
  8. I found the second and third ones on the list of stuff to rmove but not the first and fourth!
  9. @Jim Wilson I am afraid I have not got the hang or replying on this forum yet! Both iMacs are running OS 10.13.6 High Sierra.
  10. Thank you for the response, unfortunateley I allways have my Object Info palette (and other pallets) free floating as it gives me more screen space. So based on your advice I did the reverse and attached it! It seems to have fixed it on the iMac 27" (Late 2015). However, not on the iMacPro 27" (2017)! I have even tried to put it back and take it off again - still the same result of having to Force Quit! It was all rather embarassing today when it crashed whilst trying to create a revised elevation for a client. Do you know when will SP3 be coming out?
  11. I am having issues with Vectorworks 2019 SP2 crashing when I try and create a rectangle or lines. I get the colourful spinning wheel of death then I can do nothing with it. The only way to close it is a forced Quit. This has happened with two different files (one 11.4Mb and teh other 32.3Mb). I have just opened up a new file and managed to create a rectangle and line with no crashing! Any suggestions?
  12. Yes, i have an AutoCad app on the ipad and that imported them oK
  13. That worked fine, had not realized I could import them that way. Thanks
  14. I am on a Mac and so the choice is single dxf/dwg
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