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  1. As additional information, if an attempt is made to start the VW2020 SP5 installer file on the Apple Silicon Mac Mini, from terminal, the following msg appears: "*** WARNING: Textured window <AtomNSWindow: 0x7f9ec8910680> is getting an implicitly transparent titlebar. This will break when linking against newer SDKs. Use NSWindow's -titlebarAppearsTransparent=YES instead.” This leads me to believe that there are coding standard changes with MacOS Big Sur that the Technical Staff at VW should (will) work on...
  2. Based on your comment, I just tried to initiate the dmg and VW installer with the right-click OPEN commands. Still the same result: a blank screen. I will try the Vision Library remedy recommended tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. I would like to share my experience testing Vectorworks 2020 with MacOS Big Sur, specifically with an Apple Computer fitted with the new Apple CPU chip (Apple MacMini Transition Kit). First, the VW2020 SP5 installer is broken if one tries to download the VW2020 SP5 directly to this new hardware configuration. Upon starting the installer on the new platform, a blank windows appears where it should ask if you want to QUIT or CONTINUE. The same problem was experienced with SP4 of VW2020 on the same platform. To circumvent this issue, a copy of VW2020 SP5 was downloaded on a laptop loaded with a previous version of MacOS (any MacOS prior to Big Sur works) and VW2020 SP5 download file. The installer is then started on the laptop. When asked where to install the software, I selected my new Apple Transition Kit (MacMini) that was previously authorized on my home network. The process is slow, but worked. Back to the MacMini with Big Sur. Started VW: 1. It first requires me to re-enter the VW License info, even if the info was provided during the installation process. 2. The second error message states that the "VISION Library" can't be loaded. Selecting OK gets rid of the msg and the VW finally loads. 3. The first real bug relates to the SIGN IN to Selective Service (Top Right "SIGN IN" on the main window) - the app crashes when attempting to sign in. So far, I ran 2D features with a few VW existing files, and have not found any problems. This is my first day with the HW/SW combination - will report any further issues. I hope it will help anyone trying to test VW2020 with the new Apple Hardware CPU chip.
  4. Hello, I just started with VW 2017 and I added a couple of Spot Lights from the basic Visualization Tool Set. It works great, except that the Wireframe of the lights, and the light direction arrow show up after I do a full rendering. Why? I couldn't find a setting on the light symbol itself that would allow the symbol to remain visible.


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