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  1. We are NNA distributors and we have a customer with an unusual problem described below. They started having constant crashes (even when idle with a blank document open) after updating to 12.5.2. Can you give some ideas on what this could be if you have seen something similar or any other suggestions. Excerpt below with problem detail.... --------------- Yesterday VW just started crashing on me after we updated from 12.5.0 to 12.5.2 Now the program runs for a few minutes, and suddenly pops up with an Application Error message. I?ve re-installed VectorWorks, first in the same directory, then in a different one, then I downloaded that 53MB update & installed that? still I?m having the problem. Heck, I can just start the program and leave it with a blank document, and it still crashes out on me? the error goes as follows: The instruction at ?0x05194a7b? referenced memory at ?0x000000028?. The memory could not be ?read?. Click OK to terminate the program Click CANCEL to debug the program (Just for the record, debugging doesn?t do a thing?) Please let me know what the hell this could be? Does it mean I have to reinstall my Windows XP? ---------
  2. Hi, We are an NNA distributor. One of our academic clients is trying to use their Academic VW Landmark with a network dongle on their LAN that is set up as "one VLAN per switch". The student machines that need to access the network dongle are sometimes on separate switches or VLANS. Is it possible to use the Network dongle in this environment? I am including an excerpt from their communication to make it is as clear as possible. ---------- As per our discussion this morning could you please forward the information below to the technical support division in the USA. I have scanned through the support forums on the Vectorworks website and have found nothing. http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php Our lab network has been designed in a "VLAN per switch" configuration. This means that each switch has a gateway. Our license server is centralized. The VW license server setup documentation indicates that the license manager should be on the same network as the workstation computers will be on. An extract from the documentation below -- " The computer must be on the same network that workstation computers will be on. It should also physically be in a location where the HASP Net dongle will be secure, as it represents your VectorWorks license(s). " What are the chances that we could configure the VectorWorks client application to retrieve the license off the license server without broadcasting for it ? If there is a solution for this it would be greatly appreciated. --------
  3. Hi, We have customer in South Africa with the following query. What can we tell them about any new possible features in the works that may address his problems so we can keep them as a Vectorworks customer. Regards, Mali CADAFRICA ------- ? We are a lighting company in South Africa and we have been using Vectorwork,Renderworks and Spotlight for about 4 years now. I also been on your course in Las Vegas. ? VectorWorks/Spotlight/Renderworks?is one off the best design combination?packages I have ever seen and ever work on. However times are changing and technology is changing, in the Lighting industry a virtualizers is become fast imperative to have, something like Martin Show Designer, Capture or the famous WYSIWYG. A program where you can you your lighting design in and the can start doing some programming on the virtualizer using real lighting desk. Now you can also see? what your design is going to look like. The most important factor with the virtualizer is the fact that? you can?use your original lighting design, generate the paper work and the?start programming offline, it just save so much time. ? Also when we do renderings of lighting on set and shows, we can not render the light beam travel thru the air as you would see in real live on a stage with smoke. In the competitive industry we find ourselves in we need to stay on track with our competitors. Our competitors are using products like MSD and WYSIWYG which are lighting/show design products. Don't get me wrong Renderworks is by far more superior in rendering realistic texture (close to photo quality) than any other program, but the only thing that?it is?sort off is the ability to render light beams traveling thru smoke. ? The reason for this mail is that we must upgrade in the near future, and we need to make a decision if we are going to stick with Vectorworks or if we are going to try a new product that will for fill that other needs It will be a sad day for me if we have to stop using Vectorworks because? I still believe that is one off the best program, it is just so unfortunate that the two aspect that Vectorwork are sort off are so crucial in the lighting design and presentation industry. ? Can you please let me know if any of this features will be included in later addition of Vectorworks, Spotlight and Renderworks or if they are already included and we've been miss informed ? Hope to here from you soon ? Kind Regards ? Francois van der Merwe ------------
  4. Hi Mathew, Thanks for the response. I have clarified that the problem they are having is with RenderWorks that comes on the 9.5.1 CD. Is the RenderWorks on this CD also fully carbonized and should work faster under OS X like the VectorWorks?
  5. I have a user that says he is still experiencing very slow response with ARCHITECT 9.5.1 in OS X, are they correct? - Excerpt below - I installed 9.5.1 for OSX and did a quick test to see if earlier problems experienced had been resolved - unfortunately still the same problem of being incredibly slow. I opened a file created in ver 9.0 / 8.5 and if you click on pen/line type selection it opens the window with all the pen/line types - when you move the cursor from one pen/line type to the other it takes forever to select a pen/line making the process incredibly slow which is no different from the earlier version - still faster to work in the Classic version of RW ???


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