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  1. Apologies Veronica, we've now sold all of our available ones. We'll have more at some point but not for a while I think.
  2. We're still selling Vectorworks Architect licenses for £1600 per license.
  3. Sorry for the delay all, only just got back in the office. Will respond shortly.
  4. We're looking to sell a number of Vectorworks 2018 licenses. Please respond below or message me if you are interested.
  5. It doesn't crash (or not that I can find or have heard) with a new blank file - but I wouldn't call this conclusive. How can I get that file to technical support?
  6. It definitely wasn't a new file - but not sure if it had been created in another version / SP. Does that matter? If that's the case, is there no way to fix this?
  7. OK, we've updated all the machines to 2016 SP6. There was a crash yesterday - I have attached the crash logs (two DMP files were created, which I've zipped and uploaded). The crash happened when the user changed the colour of a polygon. Vectorworks2016_exe.15068.zip Vectorworks2016.exe(1).15068.zip
  8. Varies slightly in terms of service pack - different machines have different versions. One I just checked that it was crashing on was 2016, build 278524.
  9. Vectorworks 2016, Windows 10, everyone on the same OS and hardware, build 278524 (original 2016 version).
  10. Has anyone had any luck solving this? Our users are having loads of frequent crashes because of this problem - they go to change a colour, select a colour from the palette, and the system crashes.
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