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  1. When I have a file referenced into another I am able to change the scale of the referenced layer. OK. When I change the scale of a normal design layer in a working file and save and commit it to the project file and am able to see that scale change in the project file when it is reopened. OK BUT when I do both of these things, ie change the scale in a working file of a referenced layer and then save and commit the change to the project file, the change is reverted to the original scale that the reference file was imported. If I change the layer scale in the original reference file it is not reflected in the main file. I am having to delete the reference file link, go back to the reference file source, change the scale, then relink it. Which is not how I would imagine it should work. Anyone else seeing this.
  2. Richard Burgess

    Project Sharing Lag

    We are seeing periodic slow downs in the working file. Every month or so we have needed to converting the working file into a VW file. Then turning that into a new project file and superceeding the old one. Seems to flush out any laggyness.
  3. Richard Burgess

    Project Sharing- symbols

    We are finding that while using project sharing 2 users are able to work on the same symbol simultaneously. They do not get the typical warning to say it is checked out by the other person even though the the symbol was specifically checked out before entering. This has caused terrible issues where users are over writing changes made by others and losing work. Its a fundamental flaw for us as we draw flat types as symbols so are constantly inside the symbols making changes. Is this a bug or something we are doing wrong.
  4. Richard Burgess

    Project Sharing- output files

    We would normally reference output files into a design file to produce titleblocked sheet layers. This keeps the titleblocking admin away from the actual drawing, it means we can separate out this task and also enables us to break down the output files into, plans, sections and elevations etc for ease of navigation. With the project sharing system it seems that we are being pushed into keeping everything in one file (which definitely has its benefits) and the issue of someone working on the sheet whilst someone else is doing design work is solved by shared access. But the sheet layers are growing in number and: 1. I fear for the stabilty of the project file, already at 270mb 2. The logistics of navigating several hundred drawings in one sheet layer list scares me, its a shame it doesnt have the hierarchical ability that classes do.. Can the project file be safetly referenced by an output file. My initial attempts messed up with storeys and layer elevations going wrong in the out put file so I bailed and kept it all in the project file. Whats the best way to deal with 200+ sheet layers in a project file?
  5. Richard Burgess

    Cut plane in viewports

    OK to answer my own question if anyone searches for this thread. Converting the Structural Engineers ifc information to Auto hybrids seems the only way to give me control of the cut plane to the ifc elements. Not ideal on a big fast moving project as I will have to convert their info floor by floor every time it is issued. But it does work.
  6. Richard Burgess

    3d drawing strategy

    We are moving from 2d drafting (using wall tool) to full 3d building. Previously we were using referenced files containing symbols for components, wall types and importantly flat types. Flats contained internal walls, furniture, ceiling and floor finish hatches and used classes to organise them for different drawing outputs. Spaces did not work inside these flat symbols as the unit could not be given a unique flat number, so we are forced to put the flat space object in the main building file, which is inconvenient as we normally have repeating flats (which is the benefit of using a flat symbol). In 3d we are struggling to organise our drawing in the same way once we introduce slabs/floors/ceilings. Creating a slab and ceiling layer means the flats' ceilings and floor finishes cannot go inside the symbol. The internal flat walls (inside the flat symbol) also do not bind to the main building slab and the ceilings in the main file don't bind to the flat walls (inside the flat symbol). Generally it seems that vectorworks is driving us away from flats in symbols, which seems a step back for large buildings with repeating room or flat types. The only way I can see it working for flats in symbols is if the floor slab and ceiling slab are within each flat symbol and organised by class. They would not bind to the main building but would interact with the flat walls and a change made would be reflected in all the repeating flats. Downside would be the need for more flat types as a flat with a different ceiling height would be a 'new' type, although this is not so common an issue. We would be grateful for some input on setting up strategy
  7. Richard Burgess

    Cut plane in viewports

    Attached are some screen grabs. I have ifc information from a consultant. I would like to see the walls in plan at a 1200mm cut plane. Doing this in a viewport with layer cut planes set to 1200mm in wireline or hiddenline gets me a see through wall (the element has a fill). Background rendering as unshaded poly presents a solid wall but the openings in the wall although visible are solid too. If I create a "plan" section viewport I can get it to show the holes in walls if the level is set right. But this is not really simple to set up. I have a 20 storey building with multiple plans per level, setting up a section viewport for each plan is not viable. How can I present the ifc oblects at a cut plane. I also tried it as a 3d polygon and mesh and had the same result so it isn't so much an ifc issue. Also the ifc objects are not responding to class fills, I can assign them to class, but changing the class fill does not change the ifc object. I can only change the fills by manually assigning a fill. 239_C_SE.vwx IFC 3D OPENGL.pdf ifc hidden line.pdf IFC SECTION VIEWPORT.pdf IFC UNSHADED POLY.pdf


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