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  1. 5 hours ago, Rob Books said:

    Yes, it seems they thought it might not be necessary for Spotlight.  we have put in a bug report to get it added, so hopefully it will be added sooner than later to the Spotlight workspace.


    on a separate note, I have been giving thought to the classing of the 3D objects and other than the Inputs, I may be removing the classing  for 2019 on the 3D geometry.  I say may because it depends on if the Higher-ups will let me take the time to do it.  it is easy, but will take some time with all the files we have.


    Please do not remove the classes on the body parts. I think it is important to be able to use Classing to render the bodies, and especially add closing to the lens object.


    Obviously, I want to be able to define the attributes and use the class to assign attributes. Use attributes at creation should be checked in the class definitions.



  2. I am trying to render drapery created with the curtain tool and it does not seem to show properly in renderworks.

    Also, I want to see/texture some lighting instruments, the yoke renders, but the unit does not appear.



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