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  1. I just updated VWA/RW to 9.5.1 but I still have the 9.5.0 folder intact. Does this old folder serve a function or what? Can I delete it? The Read Me file states nothing of the matter. I assume the installer left it alone and duplicated and updated the entire app for some reason so I left it alone. I would like to eliminate this folder from the face of the earth if it serves no purpose to the updated app so please advise me otherwise.
  2. Yes, I agree, wait. At the rate Apple puts out new products I would wait so that you can get today's Macs at a much reduced price. Although DP is not supported in VW, it is still not a bad machine and I'm sure VW is not the only app you run on your mac. However, if you have the patience, Motorola has spilled a few beans about their new G5V processors and we're sure to see the new G5s in the near future.
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