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  1. Thank you, really appreciate your time on this. I will take a look and a get to grips with it. Converting to 3D for me is proving hard work so far. I'm used to 2D Vectorworks and a bit of sketch up here and there. I'm still detailing in 2D until I'm fully understanding 3D Vectorworks Thanks again
  2. 212DR -Roof alone.vwx Attached is the file Matt. The smaller dormer actually wants to be part of the dormer its closest too (see elevations) and then I'm trying to add another to the hip end but as soon as I do that the others disappear. You should also notice the blue grips on current dormers have also disappeared.
  3. I'm trying sooooo hard to get to grips with 3D Vectorworks having used it for 2D drawing for the last 10 years and I'm pulling my hair out! I have created my roof, hip at one end and gable at the other. I have added (finally) three dormers but since adding the third my grips have disappeared so I cannot edit them anymore - and when I try to add another dormer (hip end) it makes the other three complete disappear! Help! Thanks in advance Vectorworks Architect 2017 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  4. Hi all So I think I'm thinking the same way as you all...... I've always drawn in 2D and I'm trying to convert to 3D (either completely or partially) but I feel that the section cut throughs of the 3D models aren't as detailed as my 2D drawings would have been, so will I end up having to do my sections/details in 2D anyway and in doing so double my workload? or am I seriously missing a trick here....
  5. Hi all I'm thinking of getting a new laptop, a MacBook to be precise. So just wondering which is best? I'm using Vectorworks 2015 for architectural drawings and sketchup for architectural and interiors. I also use Photoshop a lot for photo editing & illustration/graphics! My current laptop is pretty rubbish when using sketchup for large models- constantly crashes! Thanks in advance.
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