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  1. thought you'd like to know that Apple determined that my system software was corrupted (7 months old). I erased my harddrive and the orientation switching problem went away.
  2. Hi: I have still not been able to print successfully in landscape format. I spoke to Nemetchek and went through it over the phone and they suggested that it was the Epson C82 printer driver that was causing the problem. I spent hours with Epson to no avail, but we did do something that points to Vectorworks in OS X as being the problem. We rebooted in System nine and opened up a file in Vectorworks 9. The printing was perfect. Any ideas? There must be others out there with the same problem as I purchased the C82 due to its very high rating in MacWorld Mag. Thanks
  3. Is it important to do file page set up first and then set print area second? Otherwise I have done all that you have said.
  4. I have V10.0.0 Vectorworks an EpsonC82 printer with updated driver and a MacG4. I have the page set up just the way I want it and when I hit "print" I then watch the page orientation switch 90 degrees and I get a bad print. I've tried with the document size at size A and at other and with the page set up rotation in all directions. If I open up a new file it seems to work fine.
  5. Thank you Katie: The first suggestion worked like a charm. Your instructions have been printed and filed for further use.
  6. Text that has been entered into vectorworks rotates when printed or in print preview. This is not happening with any existing text in the document, only with new text introduced. I'm printing to an Epson Stylus 740i. Does this mean that this file has a bug or something even more drastic. I was at about 14 layers, so I got rid of about half, but the problem persists.
  7. Is there a compatibility problem between Vectorworks and HP? They don't seem to have a single GPL/2 printer driver that can be downloaded that is compatible with Mac 8.6. I must be able to send plot files to service bureaus. They are not picky. They'll work with any Designjet driver. Nemetschek technician Daniel suggested that I download the HP designjet driver for the 650 printer, but that is not compatible with Mac 8.0 or later as it requires QuickDraw GX (not supported by Mac 8.0) SOS!
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