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  1. I am getting weird arrow heads on 3D objects. First off, that should be impossible, but even then the arrowhead button on the OIP is off and class settings are "no arrowhead" even if I where to draw a line.


    Detailing up a Construction document with many lines and arrowheads pointing and annotating objects and the errant arrowheads are very confusing and sloppy, and I can't get rid of them.

    Has anyone else come upon this, or can anyone please help me solve this?

    Edit: talking with my boss and she says this might be a setting (not a bug) for engineers that I have somehow invoked? I do remember seeing something like this for 3D power pack stuff but I don't model anything more fancy than houses


  2. I'm sure I've seen this asked and answered before here but never needed a glass block wall until now and cannot seem to figure out the best way to create or show this. I am creating a 3D model of a mid-century house and need to show the existing glass block window/walls.

    My searches have thus far yielded nothing that is steering me in the right direction.

    What is the best way to do this? Or is this one of those-"you have to have windoor"?


  3. Also I think that it only works (or works better) when the walls are fit up to the roof rather than trimmed down to it. I was used to using ArchiCad method of trimming and had my walls above the roof and it crashes, so that might help.

  4. That is a wealth of information David, props to you for taking the time to coherently explain and organize your workflow on a team and referenced project. For those of us who are single user/practitioners working on smaller projects it is difficult to guess on how best one might implement such a team workflow on a larger one. An overview like this takes a lot of the guess work away. I am also using my down time to explore and dissect the Ellicott Heights project to see how I can improve my workflow in setting up all of my projects.


  5. I found VW9 through SP2 was rendering those crazy lines in custom OpenGL show edges option enabled; was hopeful about SP3 fixing that and in one file it did and others(?) still have those messy lines. It was brilliant to do fly-overs around a model with no textures nor colors (as we all know OpenGL will not show this well otherwise) and get all the correct lines with show edges option enabled but this does not seem to be consistent and therefore an option I can't use either.

    Please fix this.

  6. First off please let us know what version of VW, 0S and hardware info you are working on in a signature.

    When you say they all "look" the same are you referring to the display on a monitor or a printed version? I find it is difficult to discern most line weights on the monitor and I really need to view a printed sheet to get an accurate representation. Are these elevations in viewports? You can set the class line weights differently for the viewports from the design layers, try exaggerating the difference to make sure it is taking. I also have often gone into annotation mode in the VP and just drawn a unfilled heavier weight polygon around the geometry of elements I wish to stand out and that usually is a pretty quick trick as well. You may need to go to the edit mode and make invisible some segments of the polygon to get the look.

  7. It took me a while to finally incorporate this valuable feature in my workflows-especially as your files get larger and you start designing in 3D. This is an architectural workflow.

    If you are designing on a floor plan you don't want to see roofs or floors (or you want the overhead elements show as dashed lines-if a floor class is turned on you will always be inadvertently selecting it anytime you click on the blank space in a room) and likewise when you are designing the roofs you want to be in a view where many floor plan elements are turned off, then you will want to see how these elements look in a 3D or section view. Saving these view with various classes and layers turned on and off or grayed for clarity, and being able to switching back and forth through these views with one click to immediately see or continue to design without going back to switch off and on extraneous elements every time is invaluable. The trick is to set up the view parameters early on and utilize the class and layer system.

  8. Hey Nedly welcome to the site-I'm a home designer here in San Diego (I've been looking into seeing if a user group can come to life down here)

    I also thought that there was not much difference in price between Designer (all modules) and just adding one or two modules and would recommend Designer on that basis.

    I don't do much landscape design but from what I can see I think Vectorworks with Landmark and Architect would suit your needs very well. I'm on a Mac so can't speak to the difference on Windows but don't think there is much in the app itself.

    I have not heard of any local vendors, I think one must obtain it directly from Nemetschek North America.

    Give me a shout out if you need more info- don't know if I can help but will be happy to try.


  9. I stand corrected (well, I admitted that I could be wrong- I'm not using many road guardrails in my residential projects) but the same principles did apply; except for the bug you discovered.

    Thankfully this looks like one bug that won't be affecting me.

    Glad to help.

  10. Should be the same principal. Since I know of no guardrail tool (I could be wrong here) I assume you mean the top rail of the handrail PIO that you have created. Selecting the whole rail allows you to fill it, color it as you want and then all elements of that handrail PIO will have that same attribute. By creating and then defining Style attributes in your class list of your document you can then assign three different styles to the different elements of the handrail PIO

  11. The Render tab texture selection will be the mullions. You can either just select a texture as you have done or assign it a Style associated with a texture that you have defined. The Style-Glazing # will texture will be the glazing. If you want to change the look of the glazing you need to define the Glazing style with a "Glass" texture, then customize it how you wish. You shouldn't define the Glazing styles with textures that are not glazing like, rather define them as different looks of glass-i.e. very transparent or more reflective in a file to create different looks.

  12. I like the new set position tool for symbols (windows) but I am missing the ability with one click to discern the existing location of the window in the wall per the wall end/edges-So that I can move that window immediately by keyboard inputs or be able to use that datum info to locate other windows or elements.

    Am I missing another way to do this without manually clicking edges and window points or manually gesturing and dimensioning?


  13. Thanks Jonathan, Pat has already contacted me as well with some info and Michael of Santa Barbara gave me the contact at Nemetschek so it looks like I have a good start to see if we can get one going down here.

    I will shoot you an email soon

    Thanks again everyone.

  14. This is probably not the correct forum for this and I apologize if it is not but after looking over the hints at VW Home on starting one I am still unsure how best to ascertain if there are enough users in my city to try to start one.

    Anybody in San Diego area that might be interested in trying to start a User Group? I wish I was closer to Pat and Dan in L.A. because it sounds like they have a great group.

    email me so that we can let Vectorworks help us set it up if there is enough interest.



  15. I've also seen those blasted lines in my hidden line elevation views occasionally. It is frustrating because they can look like elements you (the designer) wishes to accurately convey to the construction of the building potentially leading to confusion. Mostly it just looks kind of messy.

    I think this is a bug.

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