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  1. When I export to PDF, all the lines seem to appear fine. The issue occurs when I try to print (either directly from Vectorworks program or from the exported PDF) Unfortunately I don't have another printer on which I could test it. However, I made two 'test' drawings with simple various lines weights, in old Vectorworks 12.5 and everything printed fine, whereas from Vectorworks 17 all lines print almost the same thickness. The thinnest line 0.03 in Vwx 17 seems to be the same thickness as 0.08 or thicker in Vwx 12.5)
  2. Thanks for your response. I forgot to mention that before I have already changed DPI in the sheet layer from 72 to 300.
  3. Hi everyone, Recently I have purchased Vectorworks 17 and every time I have tried to print something, in the viewport all the line weights seem to be displayed right. However, when I print it, the all appear more less the same. Mainly I have been using 0.03, 0.08 and 0.15mm. Previously I have been using Vectorworks 12.5 for a couple of years and I never had any issues with printing the lines with the same printer (it's Canon imagePROGRAF iPF610) I have tried both to print it directly from the program and by exporting PDF but it hasn't solved the issue. I have also tried to modify settings in 'Advanced Properties'. It's worth mentioning that when I open the same file in Vectorworks 12.5 and send it to the printer, it prints the file properly with all the line weights. Can anybody help? Have you guys come across this before? Thanks
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