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  1. I go in and edit the 2D graphics of the plant and reduce the opacity of the main color, as opposed to reducing the opacity of the entire graphic. Seems to work.
  2. Thank you! Apparently, I'm doing the right steps just a little out of order. I appreciate you going to this extent to help! Doug
  3. I'm new Vectorworks 2017 and can get around pretty good. However, I have not figured out how to easily get a plant in VW plant database onto a design. So far...this is what I do in VW Landmark Plant Database: -Select plant -Click Vectorworks tab -Click Use current selected record it tells me its been sent to VW's.... but I have no idea where. I have searched the knowledgebase, Tutorials, Google & Bing videos, etc and cant find a thing. I don't understand why you can't choose a number of specific plants you use in the database and import them into your own VW library? Currently, I can choose a non specific plant, go into the 'plant tool preference', go to 'get plant data', fill out the required fields, find it and import it, but this takes a lot of time. Thinking how top notch VW's is, there's got to be a better way...Please tell me there is a better way.
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